Decentralization and DIstributed: Our Best Defense

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We cannot be overconfident believing that the governments of the world along with their allies, i.e. bankers, will sit back and watch their power eroded. They are going to, at some point, unleash a furry that will really show crypto they mean business.

In this video I discuss how it is likely a fruitless proposition but they are going to do it. Since we are aware that it will come at some point, we need to ensure that we do all we can to protect ourselves. Here we see where decentralizing and distributing are the best way to keep them at bay. If we elminate points of vulnerability, then their access points get spread further out.
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They will just brag but I bet you they can do less. To me I have the belief that cryptocurrency will take over.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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Off topic, but is there a 3speak app for iOS? I’m missing a lot of your content lately due to not having my laptop all the time.

Great points, I think projects like Blocknet and their decentralized Avalanche indexer is going to really show how important this is.

I still think the dark web will end up factoring into the situation and anonymity will play a key role in how people are "governed" in the next century.

The entire entrenched establishment is squealing like a stuck pig and fighting like a cornered animal. They will become far more dangerous before their power is neutralized. We must be vigilant and be smarter than they are. Evil greed eventually fails--hopefully soon! !BBH

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They are not meant to be trusted we are just gonna do our own thing our own way. Government aren't ready to help

I am too new in Hive and Blockchain, can you help me to understand it?

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