My Hive 2020 Goals - Week 3



Ooof... been a crazy week. Splinterlands chaos legion general sale started on monday, had to shift around funds and exchange them to get enough liquidity but managed to snag 1089 packs, flipped a few packs at a loss to get a few more packs that qualified to for airdrops and push me into Maverick status in the game. missed writing a couple posts and Bitcoin caught Covid and fell down taking everyone else with it. needless to say my hive portfolio is worth less but has more tokens, maybe if I had of been more on top of things the rate of me producing tokens would have out paced the decrease in token value or maybe my money machine needs more work.


I have update the flow chart but still do not have all my token on it but hopefully it will help give a better picture what I'm doing. I have had a couple people contact me and tell me they are having a hard time understanding what I'm doing or how this flows so I'm going to try to give a more detailed explanation here. Lets start at posts, I make a couple posts about play to earn games I am playing and a couple financial posts a week. I try to take these posts with the community that they fit into and people in those communities who like the posts upvote them earning them and me a portion of the tagged tokens based on what they have staked. These posts earn me Hive Power (powered up hive), HBD, SPT, ONEUP, LEO, POB, CENT and a few others that I will get added to the chart soon. As I mentioned above people who upvote posts they like get a portion of the token based on what they have staked, half goes to them they other half goes to the author. There are also curation services out there that you can delegated your staked token power to and they will upvote good posts and pay you out all or a portion of what your vote earns while they are using it. The oneup-cartel has a collection of these curators, and I'm staking my tokens earned from posting and delegating most of them to the curators, who pay me 95% of what my vote earns daily and the other 5% goes to curator (cartel). since the CARTEL will be paying dividends to token holders from their profits in 3 to 6 month and I hold 21 tokens, it is a win win situation. Last week I was all over the high APR from a couple curators and talking about shifting more tokens to them, I have since learned that curators APR is a little all over as they are human and have good days and bad days. So the plan going forward will be to diversify my tokens between curators, keeping a little back for my voting, and high return liquidity pools or liquidity pools that reward tokens that I want. SPT token is an exception currently all SPT get staked and most of it delegated. Every 4 SPT I have gives me 1 airdrop point for the daily SPS airdrop in splinterlands. HBD, hive backed dollars, I have to say this whole system is a little strange to me. I have HBD and I have Hive but I can't use them in the Hive system I need swap.hive or swap.hbd and now that hive is below $1, where I said I would use half to buy more hive, I'm still trying to figure out an efficient way to do it. Coming off HP we have utopis, this is because I'm delegating 15 of my HP to utopis and they reward us with utopis tokens. These token are staked and then earn us a portion of utopis earnings in Hive. BXT is simillar in that it earns a portion of Beeswaps fees in hive. I hope this was a better explanation for everyone lets move on to liquidity pools.


After removing practically all my stuff from liquidity pools at the end of last week, I find myself back in six liquidity pools this week. I prefer to use the liquidity pool interface on beeswap over tribaldex as it shows more info like APR.

  1. ONEUP:LEO - I do not get a lot of leo, higher value coin smaller payouts, low curation APR. So I put it to work with a lower value coin that I have more of in this liquidity pool. it is now earning me 250.327% APR in oneup tokens and earns 1% bonus shares in the pool each day I am in and not touching it.( about 0.11 ONEUP a day for my small stake)
  2. SWAP.HIVE:CENT - I do not have a curator for cent and needed to put it to work earning. This pool only has 48.177% APR and 1% bonus shares daily but had some rewards that interested me. currently it is paying me out 0.158 CENT, 0.012 VIBES, 0.035 LVL and < 0.001 of a few other tokens one being utopis. I will keep adding to the stakes in these pools on Fridays and hope to get some of that utopis to print more hive.
  3. CENT:POB - again putting my cent to work with some of my proofofbrain in a 66.029% APR pool with 1% daily bonus shares. This pool earns me more CENT and POB, 0.003 VIBES and 0.02 LVL. Hey if I can accumulate 200k LVL I think it is I will start getting NFT crates dropped I think.
  4. BEE:SWAP.BUSD this pool has a very small amount at the moment and at 66.029% with 1% daily bonus shares I'm only getting sprinklings of tokens but it will be providing BEE, LVL, WINE and PLN.
  5. SWAP.HIVE:PLN - This pool I got into because I had some PLN (Pollen Loop Network) laying around, high APR and variety of tokens I could use. 275.984% APR with 1% daily bonus shares. 0.007 PLN, 0.002 SPS, 0.063 DEC, 0.092 SIM, 0.01 CROP, 0.055 GAMER, 0.022 SPT, 0.002 ONEUP, 0.008 SWAP.STATE, 0.094 ENTRY, 0.021 BATTLE and some sprinklings of other tokens. Most of these tokens are already used or have a future use in my machine.
  6. SPS:SWAP.STATE - this one will earn me a little SPS splinterlands governance token, SWAP.STATE, and SWAP.DFY at 97.684% APR with a 15 daily bonus shares.


TokenCurrent PriceTotal ValueLiquidLiquidityStakedDelegated

the value of my tokens went from about $475.65 last week to about $326.45 this week despite having more tokens. I need to get out there and work harder to try to outpace the loss in value with more tokens. I'm looking at adding two more games to help with this.


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