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Today I want to share with you our lounge meal.Hostel Life 🤧🤧
As mother is the child of labor, labor is the birth of good fortune. Good luck doesn't come to you suddenly, but good luck comes after a long period of hard work and close pursuit. The continuous progress of society and civilization has been achieved as a result of continuous labor. Therefore, hard work is essential for personal and national development.
However I have seen many times in my life but I have never seen such a beautiful arrangement. I could not understand from afar what to do when these surfaced. Later I can see that various spices have been used to beautifully decorate here. That didn't seem like a betel leaf to me.
The picture you see now is a picture of a betel leaf. Maybe many of you betel leaf yesterday and some of my brothers and sisters went to Waze. During this winter, Waz Mahfil is held at various places in the city. It is a very popular food in Bangladesh. Basically it is a snack food. Usually people in the village eat more of this food. Don't know how familiar you are there. However, many of us are familiar with water here. Beginning with the old man, young children recognize the baby.