A Step into the Thirties

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I can't beleive that it has been 29 years since I was born and I also can't believe that I turned out to be pretty decent guy in the time I have been in this world. There was a time when I used to like spending and having fun with my friends on my Birthday but nowadays I enjoy the quiet company of my parents more than some party at a Pub. Call me old or whatever but I tend to miss my parents at this time of the year. So yeah today it's going to be Me, my Dad, my Mom and my Dog that gets to have some fun.


My Dad has gone out for work so currently I am helping my Mom cook for tonight's feast which is going to be a Veg Pulao and some Chicken and Paneer Items on the side. Once some of it is done I will try to record a vlog and just enjoy the scenary for a while as I haven't been home in like 4 months. So yeah that's my itenary for today.



Congra And spending your bday with the two most important people in the world is grand if you aske me, and covid times make it stranger in the pub anyway. Have a great day with loads of attention and presents

Happy Birthday @arunava

Wow, a happy birthday to you. Actually it's great to want to spent birthday with the family. It's cool to know you can cook, most guys don't actually.

Happy Birthday @arunava!

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