The Land of Philis Turns To The Pit of Death

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A great day is here with us again and today happens to have so many events with awesome news. For all who do not know some of the news around let me just break it to you that today is Valentine's Day. Apart from it being a Valentine's Day, today millions all over the world will be waiting for voice to officially launch as it was said months ago.


But as we wait for such a great news to come let's just continue with our story. Well after publication today story will continue on Tuesday. So without much ado, fasten your seat belts and let's me take you on a sweet ride.

Today's episode,

The Chief of Cape Town was seated with his elders, the queen mother, the head of the royal family and the priest of their town at a meeting, when suddenly Frank, the son of the head of the royal family showed up to throw all sort of allegations at them, all because he wanted to rule the kingdom when their current Chief is no more.

No wonder they say to tell a woman a secret without the firmness of she being the one who committed the act is just like calling the whole world to announce that act to them. Right after Eric left Emily and headed to his town, Emily went straight to the Queen's house grabbed her friend in to the bush and told her all that Eric said to her about Isaac.

But as serious as it was her friend never believed her and asked that she knows her place in the town. For they are just maids to the Queen and not people to tell them what to do or what not to do.

The land of Philis have been crawling with death all over, but Sera who took Agnes' daughter judith in with her after the sudden demise of her mom was being tagged as a witch or a cursed soul, simply because anyone that comes to her compound to play around with her daughters ends up dead.

In just some moments three innocent souls have lost their lives, which got the elders to be mad over the recent happenings. They finally warned Sera that if anyone should loss his or her life for coming into her compound then she has a lot to deal with.

See you same time on Tuesday, but until then wish you all a happy Valentine's Day.

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