Ass Kissing Brownnosers Are Useless

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I never cared to play follow the leader.  Especially since for many, that leader is not a human.  It's money.  And if your goal is to always chase something, you'll never catch it, because that's not included in the plan.

In the corporate workspace, I called them brownnosers.  The shittiest, dirtiest, ugliest, fucking disgustingly two-faced people on this planet.

They'll be the ones who share that goddamn 'follow your dreams' meme on social media.  The plastic smile selfie and all this other nonsense that'll set the stage, making it appear as if they truly have their shit together and want to be a shining example for the rest of us to follow.

NoNamesLeftToUse - It Only Takes One.jpeg

Followers following followers.

Round and round they go.

I remember my first big promotion.

It wasn't much.  A better shift, small increase in pay, more challenging tasks, greater responsibility.

It wasn't much at all but I knew I needed to get there, in order to get to the next place.  It wasn't much but because I had been denied the position seven times over two years, something so small turned into a massive victory.

The brownnosers hated me for advancing.  They hate everything.  Only nice to people when there's something to be extracted.  Since all they think one needs to do to get anywhere in life is kiss ass, their distorted version of reality insisted their way was the only way I could get anywhere, so therefore I must be one of them, all while they're in complete denial of who they are and what they stand for.

I'm not sure why they try to hide that shit.  Everyone reading this knows exactly what I'm talking about.

Nobody likes them.  They expect to get ahead by taking shortcuts.  And they can't bloody well handle it when others succeed.

NoNamesLeftToUse - Something For Someday.png

They're everywhere.

I had several reasons and a few excuses for turning my back on a solid career.  One with constant room for advancement; plenty of opportunities; a damn nice payday.

Chipping away and clawing my way up that ladder only to realize my new boss was a brownnoser.

Thinking: How the hell did this sack of shit manage to pull that off.

And when you're working under one of these nutcases, they expect you to be kissing their ass.  If there's a problem, you don't dare bring it up.  That's an insult.  A blemish on their perfection record.

Give them one ounce of power and they trip.  They could be running the establishment into the ground, so their boss shows up, since everyone in the corporate world has a boss.

One week later ten employees have lost their jobs, two are being demoted, twelve got written up.  Bossman pulls up in a new car.

Show up to work and all that's left are brownnosers; and you're expected to hire more to fill the gaps.

No thanks.

I'll take a raincheck.

I remember getting on with life.  Eventually working with a friend simply because the job was offered and I had nothing better to do that day.  The guy was like a brother to me.  Close.  Even had apartments in the same building.  Could be pissed off with one another then show up the next day with a beer like it never happened.

Turned out to be a brownnoser.  The boss would call him up and holy shit even his voice sounds different.  Puts the phone down and right back to being the shithead I always knew.

Eventually that power trip element kicked in.  Started treating me like shit on the job.  Right out in front of people, too.  Embarrassing.  So not only did I quit a job but I also lost a good friend.  Once he went into beast mode he never snapped out of it.  My suggestions I thought would make life easier and work more efficient were treated as insults.  It was impossible for him to be in the wrong and he knew if the boss found out I had a better plan, he'd look like a fool in front of the guy he only cares about when they're in close quarters.

The next job, on my first day, I discovered my coworker who I'd be spending most of my time with was a brownnoser.

NoNamesLeftToUse - Don't Feel Bad.png

Thinking: This is not going to go well for me.

On paper we held equal positions.  In her mind I was the new guy and she was my boss.  Not a leader.  Not someone willing to train and offer guidance to help secure the road to success.  Just a head full of boss.

Cruel and unusual; until the owners/real people in charge showed up.  Then she was the epitome of everything nice.  Taking credit for all the wholesome goodness and complete turnaround from the disaster I walked into my first day.

I needed organization so I took it upon myself to begin sorting things out.  I had fourteen years experience.  She had two.  I didn't like how much time and money she liked to waste.  I didn't like how she blamed the previous coworkers for the disaster, as I'd watch her contribute to it.  Everything she did was ass-backwards and stupid.

Cut corners now to save time now and worry about it later; that was her mantra.

I didn't like how she backed the forklift into something really expensive, during a fit of rage.  When asked directly, "Who did this!"  She pointed her finger at me.

I didn't even say a damn thing to her that day but apparently, "because I got her all worked up," that made it okay to go looney, so whatever happens, it's my fault.

So as I'm sitting there trying to explain to these people in charge that I don't even drive the forklift anymore because she hides the keys (psycho), it suddenly dawned on me.

"How many people have you had to hire to fill this position of mine in the past two years," I asked, feeling confident I was about to be fed a high number.


Twelve people had to deal with that crazy brownnoser, including me, and I was on my way out the door before they even got a chance to fire another one.

All that time and all those resources spent hiring and training, hiring and training, hiring and training.  That's lost time, lost productivity, lost money.

All they had to do was realize a brownnoser had them wrapped around her finger; and put her in her place.

NoNamesLeftToUse - No Touchy.png

The world has gone soft.

How could somebody possibly be an indecent human when they're so good at manipulating people into thinking they're top notch...

I don't have a problem with genuinely wholesome and down to earth people who just so happen to have it together, look good and healthy, seem happy, successful.  Everyone reading this knows those people as well.

Those good people who mean well often have trouble stomaching the thought of someone who looks and acts just like them being dragged through the mud and outed for what they really are.  Shit.

We let things slide.  People get taken advantage of.

So I think it's time to open up the zoos.

Nature used to have a really fancy way of taking care of these things.  Those lions and tigers and bears, oh my.  Those animals do not give a shit if you're nice and friendly but only when they show up.

But you know the brownnoser is going to be all like, "Nice kitty.  Nice kitty.  I have a TREAT for you!"

NoNamesLeftToUse - My Offering to the Silence.png

Problem solved.

This entire thought process stems from concerns raised in a recent post about some of the changes we can expect to see here on Hive in the near enough future.

You might wake up one day, check your notifications, and after experiencing months of bitter silence, suddenly your comment section is lit up with all these random compliments; so you're excited to meet your new friends!

You'll see some of the nicest compliments ever getting downvoted and think, "What the fuck is wrong with this cruel cruel world..."

And when you discover it's just a brownnosing robot expecting comment upvotes for being nice enough to take advantage of your naivety, your heart will shatter into a million tiny pieces of what could have been your long lost love, forever.  Sigh.

Comment upvoting will most likely become a thing again, though some of us never really stopped.  It could become more commonplace though and with that comes the brownnosing compliment robots you'll need to learn to ignore, no matter how nice they are.

"Thank you for this wonderful information!"

All art and images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
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"Nice post dear."

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"Ass Kissing Brownnosers Are Useless"
Technically, they have at least two uses (kissing ass and brownnosing), so they are not useless. Pretty much, though.

Yeah. They're good for writing articles about, and tearing them a new ass.

Nice post dear

LOL! Nice comment dear.

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No soup for you Smiley Man. Okay maybe a little bit.

The Soup Man :>

That's Souper Man.

Umm.. Okay if it's tasty enough :3

The chopper broke down so don't mind if it's half chewed already. I saved you time.


Hi! Wow
much good writing!


Writing post art story good thanks.

That's more like the robot way. ... and yeah LOL. Nice post, good post, good writing, wonderful information (I used to get that one after writing the exact opposite of wonderful information).

Hahhahahahh the best reply lol

thank you for this wonderful information

Nailed it. Nailed everything there is to it. Each time the price racks up I see more names and old names coming alive and where the fuck have these people been when we were at the bottom? No chill for those inactives that suddenly came active only to see them active on the other blockchain.

What happened to will happen to any platform that gives money as fluid as one click of a button.

I'm boggled with your "where the fuck have these people been" comment. We still are at rock bottom in terms of price, usage, applications, and developers. If people come and go from the platform, is it fair and wise to assume and pronounce that it's because of the price? For those who have seen the inner workings and politics within the echo chamber, sometimes people simply need a break from the discouraging behavior and communication... and they're free to come and go when they feel inspired to return... not slandered. If you must, Steem used to be ~$8. With little developmental progress over the last year with a single page of barely-adopted lasting applications (and even since 2017 on Steem) , price is probably Hive's best form of marketing in the short-term if we're realistic here anyway.

For those who have seen the inner workings and politics within the echo chamber, sometimes people simply need a break from the discouraging behavior and communication... and they're free to come and go when they feel inspired to return... not slandered.

I had the mental image of users still leaving and dissing the place then coming back just for price reasons. Suddenly it's worth their time to make a few paragraphs, get autovotes, and wait for the 7th day paycheck. It's not like that system has change. We got a lot of happenings going on within the span of a year, more progress than the old chain used to have. This price increase is just a hype then people will start losing the dopamine once bear season comes.

I don't know about the politics you speak of. None of those things interest me as an average user just doing my thing. Perhaps a people's choice to choose their own source of stress over the platform. Telling you one thing though, this is a hobby chain and I put my money in it and watch it fail, still in it because it's just hobby money spent, nice to see prices soar but I don't mind it losing a bit, more cheap hive for my blockchain games.

price is probably Hive's best form of marketing in the short-term if we're realistic here anyway.

The money printer without the need to buying stake as it can be freely given by a click was our best form of marketing.

To be fair, it's nice to see some old faces return. I don't judge. I've had to leave before and then show up, at some point. Can't only come back when the price is low... right? And yes I won't deny there's that element that's suddenly so happy bright and shiny to be here and start earning again...

And what happened to noise cash? I don't pay attention any more.

I like a bit of integrity when old faces show up. I often see some active on the other platform dissing or pretending this blockchain didn't exist at all. Starting to be active here pretending they miss it and be two face generic about the act. Just became a pet peeve.

The TL;DR for is how their admins admitted that more than 9/10 content there are just spam baiting for free tips. The bot crowd leaks to any platform that can give some $ with a click. It's here though under control

Yeah those types are included in the group I blasted in my previous post. The fakers and the takers.

I think I arrived back on the scene shortly before there was any substantial price movement. Didn't care about that though. Finally had some time and was able to focus on more things, like this.

As for that other platform, well, I blasted those in my previous post as well. This whole decentralized media scene like to be irresponsible at times. Hive is the only one it seems where people take it seriously enough, and there's still room for the hobbyists.

That post led me to another post update done by blocktrades recently. I'm getting out of touch with some small and large development happening due to real world preoccupations but loving the progressive changes that's been happening recently. Your last post speaks how much shit is being overlooked. People don't want to speak out because the altercation will threaten 'muh money'. I swear people trade their integrity with a click if it meant free money and doesn't cost them beyond character. It's even ridiculous that some people are stuck with the idea of treating this as any other regular social media which it isn't.

Technological advancement that happened decades, the blockchain being one of them, now reduced to a money printer. This is peak civilization.

Yes, Hive seems to be leading the way, hopefully in the right direction, and those changes do sound promising. And I most likely ruffled a few feathers but what goes around comes around. Why take this shit for granted?

Because it's difficult to see the long term of how things can be if people bothered to invest more on this place. I mean, 4 or 5 years ago, I'm sure the ones that stayed long are already reaping a profit if they knew when to sell and not. The ones that have been successful are those with grit and have character substance when they built their connections.

I underestimated my own connections made years to months while I was inactive. Turned out the people I interacted with got lasting impressions and now reaping those rewards. Shame for the people that come and go with the price. If they only know how much they win just stacking up or sticking around building communities they could have been bigger than what they initially thought was possible.

To be fair again. This is a tough gig. I know folks who've left or lurk about silently, and they love this place. I don't want the door to be closed just because a constantly fluctuating number went up. I hear you, but not all those people are shady. I know a lot of people here. They's good folk.

Each time the price racks up I see more names and old names coming alive and where the fuck have these people been when we were at the bottom?

How I wish I could give you children or this comment alone! The other problem is that they are often still on auto voters. I saw a post from a returnee last night, full of BS and I was a little proud I refrained from commenting about how they had only come back because they'd powered everything down and were now after the cash again when the prices were up. Fucking parasites, hypocritical parasites. I wouldn't blame or dislike them if they were honest but BS.....
Thank you for speaking out and best wishes to you :-)

It seems that I've noticed this trend myself...
The best time to earn hive was when it was 15 cents, not 50 cents...all my formerly 15 cent hive is now worth 50 cents, but those people didn't think about that...

There is absolutely something more genuine about the place when prices are low!

Calling it as it is, I think most long stayers here can see through the BS. Hive is relatively close knit enough to know anybody who is anybody a few months down the exposure. Your words describe some of them so well. The best stories are being happy to be around only to see their accounts still active on the other platform all this time.

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You being here is kind of ironic.

I bet that's a scam link of sorts. Anyone clicking it is probably a moron, right? If you've been doing that for 6 months, why the fuck are you here, doing this? Is it because you're a fucking scammer and all you know is how to be full of shit? Hmmm? Follow this LINK to lick my balls.

Lol whoa.

There's only one way to help people and ensure they're not clicking stupid spam links. It's called, "Make a goddamn scene."

Fucking A man!!! This is how you deal with those! Yay someone who speaks my language! I actually loled like maniacal overlord loled.

Be careful here. Don't click random links offering 'free money' or 'air drops' because it's a scam. You could be sent to a site that even looks a Hive site, asking for your keys. Don't give them your keys. Worst part is, people fall for this shit all the time.

Nah, these fingers have been burnt. Lessons hard learnt. I ain’t clicking no link i didn’t type myself! I was commending your stern reproach of the would be scammer definite idiot. Some people don’t know how to read, I do. Surprise! Hahaha. I’ve been having to write similar responses to the spammers on the spamfest that is noise. Doing my bit to bin the trash one piece at a time.

I got a phone call once, from a scammer. I played along for awhile, then put him on hold, and by that I mean I put the phone next to the speaker while the music was playing. He was still on the phone 20 minutes later...

Said he liked the music...

So I put him back on hold for another 20.

Brilliant! I do a reverse vibe. “Hi, thank you so much for calling, I am so excited to tell you about this amazing offer I have for you today...” I’ve only ever had one “sales person” interested in my supposed product. Kinda fun improv selling a fictional product.

In today's age you are punished for doing anything but taking orders. Better to be a pirate and live outside their rules.

Well sure. And look how much fun you get to have!

I know that kind well. I never really fitted in to the corporate environment because I had a big mouth and would say exactly what was on my mind. The worst kind of boss is the one that expects you to brown nose even when they make a massive screw up.

I had a client not so long ago that expected me to work miracles for her but didn't want to pay for miracles and then expected me to grovel at her feet, well it didn't go too well.

The problem is expectations these days. And if the expectation is that you will grovel and luck their toes because you are in the payroll, well then most people will learn to do that, I mean even kids these days are indoctrinated to not blow the whistle when somebody does something wrong because they'll get into trouble for it. Societal ills. With the rise of narcissistic traits and the behaviour that goes with it, well we are breeding generations of psychopaths.

I didn't enjoy reading this post, because the subject sucks, the fact that we have this problem is horrible, but it's true. You even see it in families, where the term the golden child originates.

I did fine being blunt, until I hit that roadblock. But there were so many other things too. If if I really wanted to work there I probably could have got around that guy.

"The customer is always right" is a tough pill for me to swallow when they're wrong...

That's cool that you didn't enjoy reading this post. LOL! I did suggest we open the zoos though so, at least I tried to solve this problem the best I can. ;)

I had something similar many years ago. I uncovered a slew of government corruption and blatant illegalities and I didn't stay quiet about them. A BIG target was painted on my back and my life was made hell until I decided to leave. I left a really good paycheck and the job that I loved because my morals and ethics were better quality than my superiors. That was my biggest roadblock. Sometimes that's the price you pay.

There are a good few people I'd like to herd into the zoo with a cattle prod or two ;)

Nice to see there are still blunt people in the world, I fear it's a dying breed though, also tend to be the first ones to get censored on conventional social media!

That money can be a nasty anchor holding people back at times.

Most certainly is a dying breed. Kinda makes me want to piss on their graves and raise the dead so we can get back to not being soft. The people are getting soft and the world is getting hard. Need to get that balance back.

The times we are experiencing are going to make people make the choice and the soft ones are going to have to either step up or be stamped down. It sucks because so few people actually see what's coming, but hey, I'm just a crazy tin-foil hat wearer, what do I know. Gonna be interesting to see how it pans out.

Go well, nice meeting you here, I look forward to many interesting discussions in the future 😏

Not all tin-foil hat wearer type people are crazy. But some certainly are. LOL!

Nice meeting you, too! I'm sure there will be more.

You know ... so far I have answered such empty comments with empty words ... it's like ping-pong. Now I will probably stop paying attention to them.
Even an empty ping pong wastes your time
But sometimes you are still afraid of offending a person ... this is also a problem

Yeah, it's always a battle. Especially at first. I know you. We're cool. I know most of these other folks. I left some hanging but they're clearly just kissing my ass and promoting themselves. Doesn't that say they clearly didn't read this post or understand what I'm saying?

If someone really wants to know you, I think it's easy to tell. They don't just stop by once. One 'trick' I learned long ago is if you receive a compliment, respond with a thought rather than a 'thank you.' Then they'll respond with a thought. Now you're talking.

in my head yet still sit courtesy stamps. This is what used to teach parents and society. It's easier for young people to communicate and it's easier to send anyone to hell. They have no brakes))
The desire to answer even out of pure politeness arises reflexively. We have to fight this.
Politeness is costing me dearly ... time to cut costs ... switch to mental politeness: D

These spam bots are some of the nicest 'people' you'll ever meet.

It's easier with bots ... it's bad that many real people do not bother with the thought process and behave no better than bots leaving their worthless comments
we will have to classify them as bots with all the ensuing consequences for the zoo :))

Bots and Zombies. At least these ones don't bite. But they will get bit.

and you know ... in a way they are even useful ... now there are few living people who really read and communicate ... these empty phrases fill the vacuum for an outside observer who is not privy to the details of the process, but is interested in the platform as such. Somebody pleased and such marks of attention. Although hives are created according to topics and interests, there is very little live communication there.
I'm trying to make in the hive of mushroom lovers something like a conversation at the camp, more than 5-6 people have never met ... and there are 700 subscribers

bots do not solve this problem ... but create an appearance: D

Like seeing a mirage in the desert, combined with heat stroke hallucinations, making it appear as if there's a pond to drink out of, but really it's just a camel's ass you're licking.

When you say that our trays will be full of nice and beautiful comments, will they be from new people on the platform who want to captivate us by their interest in attracting the attention of a whale? Or powerful people who flatter us to get a benefit from us, a delegation or something?

or both?

the truth is that this pattern of thinking is taught from infancy with parents raising an abuser.
Various things, behaving well and talking nice when at home the adults complained and made fun of the crazy teacher and the boy with his friends made fun of the teacher. That taught various things "throw the stone and hide your hand", it teaches us to see ourselves beautiful in front of the world and be shit inside.

And when they ask you if you are guilty? I did not do it. Was the. Just like your boss.

Such people climb jobs by flattering, manipulating, and demeaning others.

What I meant was people will receive spam. Comments disguised as compliments that weren't posted by a human. The sole purpose of these spam comments is to extract rewards.

You've done well pointing out the top down brownnosers who kiss ass to get more from those with less, and they use some ridiculous promises to get it. And people fall for it.

Brownnoses are a plague in Upper/Middle/Lower management, majority should not be there, lead by example if you don't know what you doing get out!

Idiot are sticking together, modern work environment has a lot to be desired.... Yurgh!

@tipu curate

It is getting bad. I'm sure that's what contributing to this world becoming more chaotic by the day. Nobody with some sense wants to speak up. Too busy saying yes.

Too many cases it's who you know, not what you know.

Brownnose Tango...

In the corporate workspace, I called them brownnosers.

Very direct! This is why I am a contractor, as I can move on to the next gig, there's no getting ahead as 'there is NO ahead'. I can't stand the shit and my next move is to not work at all. That bit is still work in progress,

I have a pretty cool gig these days myself. Work when I have time. Get to drive big machines around. Get to take shit apart and put it back together. Then I just wander around if the weather's nice. Not a soul for miles. LOL!

Sounds good to me, @revisesociology has the right idea.. escape the corporate trap forever! I do envy him to some extent.

But yours is so thicc, lemme kiss it just once, hotty.

Leave my badunkadunk outta this.

As long as badunkadunk exists there will always be someone after it lmao.

Maybe that's why they call it a behind.

Follower culture is the most toxic dimension of online interaction.

I can agree with that but that's not really the context I was using here, but still, even on this platform it would be nice to change that word to 'subscriber', as that would be more fitting I think. 'Follower' is like a cult hey. Creepy.

Lol I listened to this on a audio reader while I had breakfast, I almost spit my food out a few times at the way you use the word brown nose lol, the part about the guy in your apartment even made my elder mother laugh lol

It's fun laughing at this ugly shit in the world. I do it all the time.

Feels good to make people laugh too. That's fucking fire right there.

From a young age I always tried to get a laugh out of people but lately the butt hurt factor is through the roof about anything.

Yeah. That really sucks, too. I've noticed it. Hard to not notice. Even the ones doing it for a living, as a legit artform, are taking flak. This comes and goes though. People are uptight one decade, a little more relaxed the next. It's like that stick up the ass is just going in and out as society gets banged.

Yeah. That's a brownnoser. Talking shit. Hates it if I do well. I left a bit of a response there. I'm sure anyone can see how delusional that one is.

Wait... was this just a trick to see who will like, comment, and reblog your post to kiss your ass?

Was this an ass-kissing TEST?

Did I just become an involuntary brownnoser?


P.S. I really like your art... Fuck did it again :(

LOL! Now it's just one big mindfuck. How do I be nice?

Humor helps! Thanks for the compliment. And if you were a brownnoser you'd feel ripped off right now cuz that's all you're getting.

You never lost anyone in the first place because they were never a friend. Be happy to have flushed the toilet, the odours of bad character corrupt a good spirit.
There are plenty of people like this in the world. With experience, you get better at spotting them. Most of the times it is not worth the battle because fools can battle nonstop because they have nothing better to do and they thrive on the misery they bring. Toxic environment, caustic air.
But on a bigger scale of things, it is better to say no to what doesn't feel right. Money can't buy sanity and most people who are douchebags end up losing it one day. What comes around goes around. Every time.

It just goes to show if they're a backstabber and brownnoser at work, that's who they are. It doesn't stay at the office or establishment. You learn a lot about friends and family when you work with them.

I doubt the brownnosers even notice they create an unbreathable atmosphere.

And you're right. Money can't buy the mind. It can alter it though.

There is a wise saying which states that if you want to know a man's character, give him power. I would add that it is enough to just give the illusion of power and that would be enough. And, as bad as it sounds, money, power, status, are all great ways to test people. Friends and family included.
I think it is better to know when you deal with such a person and admit it, first to yourself. People can say all sorts of stuff only to deny the reality: brown is brown, there is no use putting a pink ribbon on top.

Money, power, status; people have given those things a bad name. No matter how aware one is of the dark side, and tries to be responsible with their influence, they still get treated as if no effort was made. When one tries to avoid darkness, it pushes back and tries harder to get in. When you're being honest but someone pushes and insists you're being dishonest, that hurts, and there's no real way of reversing it.

You're right. I always think that pain is inevitable but suffering is a choice. I personally prefer to just erase this kind of people and move on. Life is too short to sit in a smelly toilet 😂

Life is way too short, but there's no sense pondering solutions, trying to find ways to live longer, like we did last time, since it only made us older.

Is your digital art for sale anywhere? The article hits deep, having experienced this throughout my life in any kind of corporate career to the extent where I flat out refuse to work for anyone but myself. Sadly this is a reality that we face everywhere in the world and sadly it might at some point start effecting platforms like this as well. The truth should never be sugar coated...

I haven't minted any NFTs but if I do, this Hive world will be the first to find out about it.

I wanted to touch on how brownnosers impact social media in particular but I drifted away while writing. When you see people getting obliterated, ganged up on, cancelled. Often it's an ugly sight, but if you look at their selfies, they're all smiling.

As for these platforms. Yeah. There are brownnosers. They don't get far.

Definitely looking forward to the minting! And you don’t have them for sale in a more traditional manner like print?

Yeah, that’s one thing I’ve disliked about social media for a long time, the hypocrisy, the pretentious nature of it all, so many people put forward this “representation” of themselves, not just on social media mind you, that they believe themselves to be or want others to believe them to be, just turn your back or walk out the room and that “representative” disappears and you are left to deal with the real person, who tends to be one nasty piece of work. I’ve seen this process many times, how people flip flop from one persona to another depending on who they are dealing with or sucking up to. Again Cheers for putting it out there and saying it like it is. Was an unenjoyably good read. Unenjoyable only because it hits so hard on personal experiences.

If the market here grew and we had consumers scrambling around everywhere, like they have on other sites, I'd have my own commercial printer and sell merchandise as well. That's been part of the plan for nearly five years but it's never been worth the time, effort, and investment. This is just a brand I created exclusive to Hive and I'm sticking to my guns. I want to see where it'll take me. In no hurry.

As for those flip flopping personas. Man is that ever eerie. Happy to grouchy to with a flip of a switch. I'm human. I'll have my bad days and my good days. I think it's natural so I don't try to mask anything. But I do see those masks some people put on. I think we all see those masks. Hard to miss.

Definitely, once your eyes have been opened and you have awoken to the reality of, as you call them, brownnosers it is very hard to miss. I’ve taken a very stern stance on how I deal with people in general, I will always be as helpful and polite as I can, that however no longer means I am a push over or that anyone is able to walk over me in any way, I am rock solid in this, my wife can testament to it.

I hear you on the time and energy part, it’s really cool that you are keeping the brand as a Hive specific thing. I’ve struggled with my art all my life, probably sold a total of 5 pieces. Now I just make the stuff and use it as I see fit, no intent of selling it, if someone does want to buy it, rad! Otherwise its mine anyway, I made it. Haha

Please excuse my delayed responses, I’m still fairly new so have to wait for HP to build up before I can comment or post or anything. Apologies.

I heard a line once, awhile back. 'Only a friend can stab you in the back.'

Sounds bad, but it's true. I'll sit here and shoot the shit, be respectful, be friendly. Also relentless when it comes to standing up for myself. I don't like being messed with. Too many hard lessons learned to let shit slide now. Whatever though. I'm sure that's normal.

You're having resource credit issues? I'll hook you up, temporarily. Be sure to use it.

Yeah, I’ve heard and experienced that saying! It is probably normal but I tell you what, it shouldn’t be... and I hope that that’s the case in this platform, from what I’ve read so far it seems that it is a genuinely authentic place and the people seem real. Shot man! Thank you.. really appreciate that a lot. Been trying to engage and get around but every action I try I get the error message. Really really grateful for that!

That should help you get started. Once I notice you've earned enough to cover the costs of simply enjoying the place, you're on your own.

Excellent read. The people you describe are about 99% of our politicians. We are in serious trouble.
Thanks for this! 🙂

Yeah. And we all see what they do with that 1%. For some strange reason their careers don't last very long.

The brownnosers return!!!!

I remember them well. They will come back of course. Nice Post and all that. Meh.

I can handle them so much more than the ones in the workplace you mention. Nothing worse than when you are trapped with a horde of them

I like the ones that read tags and say weird shit like: Thank software post good art.

At work, in the flesh, it's terrible. If you got a lunch room, there's always that table and they're always bitching about someone. One's always looking over their shoulder getting ready to give the signal to shush...

Hahaha, ah thats right. Some of them even make them up. Wonderful recipe dear and you are like, what funking recipe!?!

Or the ones that pipe up at the end of a meeting to show how asskissery they are. And next thing you know the meeting that was finishinggoes on for another hour

It's bonkers.

Those meeting extenders. Sometimes they bring cookies or something but forget the napkins. Then everyone waits... You think it's going to be two minutes but it's 20. And the cookies taste like shit.

Thats because they are SHIT! Everything they have is shit and they cant tell because they have been roughing the brown for so long!

It gets on their clothes and everything! It's like they got sprayed by a hippo or something...

This whole post and these people is therapeutic man...

Therapy always comes in brown packages.

Wait, that sounds awfully wrong! Cool, I am glad to hear it!

I watched a hippo pooping the other night. I shant say why

Thought about doing a shit post today but instead... this happened.

I got access to a camera now. Might figure how to use it someday. Take some pictures of various species of shit found around these parts. It'll be interesting.

Brownnosers is actually a good fucking term I might start using. I've recently got a job in one "strong" company that has a lot of money, but of course, it seems as more money you (or your company) has, the more the pay is late. Also, there's a douchebag that hates seeing me succeed so fast as I've learnt everything by myself. I have a feeling he expected me to fail on every task I got, but eventually, to his chagrin, I didn't. Dude's been waiting for any little mistake I make. Not sure if that's his way to climb his position over my back, but surely you ain't be playing with me mate...

I hate hypocrisy, so that I don't look like one myself, I admit that when I started 3 years ago as a noob (and quit very fast due to my ignorance and desire for shortcuts) I failed. Now when I got back on Hive I've promised myself that every post will be something I've put my effort and some knowledge in. It turned out to be perfect and it's great being here. I just wish this lasts for long time, as jealous is kind of crucial part in human being I guess..

I think the term brownnosers is quite common in Canada. I literally means getting shit on your nose after kissing ass. No better way to put it... LOL!

And that jealousy stuff is quite natural. But that energy can be channeled into something really good when you realize it's not just there to pick your ass, it's there to kick your ass, get you motivated to do shit.

Hahaha it's mostly self-explanatory.

But that energy can be channeled into something really good when you realize it's not just there to pick your ass, it's there to kick your ass, get you motivated to do shit.

This is really correct. Just imagine how fast and good would we improve in just few days if everyone would give their best, but for themselves, not to make someone else proud, jealous, or anything similar. I became an utopian it seems, I'm out ffs.

Shit dude. Next we'll be singing around rainbows and riding unicorns! LOL! But I hear you.


I actually hate those slimy talks, but sometimes I need them smart ass quotes as a ventilation to be same douchebag I was before. Maintains some balance in the system I guess. I'm really out now!

lol sadly I was born with a brown nose, and body, woe is me

No no let's not take it there. We all shit the same. Kiss enough ass and you're coming out of there with stains on your nose, and everyone can see it.

Lol oh I’m well aware of all the ass I kiss from family to government and corporate overlords! Flogging my opinion on the internet hoping someone says it’s okay lol

They expect to get ahead by taking shortcuts. And they can't bloody well handle it when others succeed.

In order to share the planet with difficult people, it often helps to try and guide them to more productive behaviour (easier said than done). In this case it would be helpful to let such a person think from a more abundant mindset, rather than through fear of loss (being a far more powerful and ultimately stifling emotion). Seeing the success of others can trigger fear of loss and lead to negative behaviour. Removing your mind from competition into creation will bring you above this fear-reaction cycle and lead to a far more balanced lifestyle, in my opinion.

Easier said than done indeed. I really like how you took the serious approach. There is a problem. That's true. And most problems can be solved. But...

One must first get to the point where they see it as a problem, but when convinced this behavior is all that's needed to get ahead, it could take a lot of work to break that cycle.

We should get Dr. Phil on the phone. He'll know what to do.

Well...I absolutely agree with your sentiment, and of course, you know I'm not saying that just because I'm brown-nosing you!
I also walked away from corporate life for this reason, except we called them arse-lickers, you can spot them from a mile away. The top professional ones are the ones carrying ski bags which they need to wear to stop themselves from disappearing completely up the boss's arse.
Sadly, we see it a lot on Hive too, those that agree with the popular boys and girls in the hope of getting a vote, or better still, being added to an auto voter and this is the one thing that I hate, all these years after I refused to accept it in the workplace.
First time I've commented on one of your posts for a while, I wish you well.