False Pandemic - When Ignorance Is No Longer Bliss

in #life2 months ago


What has more red flags than a Chinese military parade?
A so called fabricated pandemic.
Buckle up, the campaign of fear and propaganda ain't done with us just yet!

Mere coincidence that I started to read 1984 in mid March? You may say so, but I don’t think so. Society’s mask fell off completely and here we are complaining about our lack of freedom. We were never free to begin with and it’s about time we open our eyes to the shitshow that’s taking place right in front of us. I ain’t no conspirator of the world - some scientists (you know the big guys with the PhDs) have tried bringing to light the ugly truth that’s going on behind the scenes. Yet we, the ignorant and obedient masses, have preferred doing what we’ve always done - following the rules without ever questioning their legitimacy.

And you know what happens to the ones (with actual credentials) who try to red pill the people? They get robbed of this supposed human right called freedom of speech. The elite’s way or the highway - there’s no other way. Why is it that there’s so much controversy around this covid-19 virus? Why is it that members of the same community (a.k.a scientists and researchers of all kinds) do not agree on the same things?

This isn’t anything new - at best it’s the same nonsense packaged in a different wrapping. It’s called hidden agendas. The weapon of choice of the elites. The world is ran by the 3 P’s - Psychopaths endlessly hungry for Power relentlessly trying to get more Profit.

We’ve been fucked over yet again - but this time it hurts a little more than usual. No lube has been used to make the transition go smoother. I don’t see red flags no more - I see death flags. The media is drilling yet another false narrative into our own little skulls to test the limits of our ignorance and obedience.


The best speaking the cold hard effin truth.