Getting Engaged - The New Millennial Trend

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Who would have thought that one day getting into bed with the government would become trendy? Certainly not me. Yet again, considering the fact that common sense is a story of yesterday, then maybe. Marriage has become the popular slut of the neighbourhood - we wanna fuck her even though we can’t afford her. Marriage is no longer the sacred institution it was once thought of - her overflowing popularity has made her lose all of her value.

It blows the f out of my mind when I see people getting engaged within a few months of dating. If this doesn’t scream insanity I don’t know what does. Limerence is the mother of all bad decisions, under no circumstances should you listen to her. For the record, marriage isn’t a shield against pain, and as much as people like to fall for that one - it doesn’t come with a guarantee of lifetime stability and happiness either.

Engagement pictures are all fun and games - except that you have no idea what you’re getting into. It takes years to know a human being inside and out, and yet again even then you could be surprised. You are fooling yourself real hard if you think that in a matter of months you can know someone like the palm of your hand. Worse if you think you are ready to spend “the rest of your life” with that person.

Nothing evokes my gag reflex more than people treating marriage and parenthood as easy decisions that can be taken in the blink of an eye by their all too reliable lusty brain that sees the world through rainbow tinted glasses. These are the same people that will hang out at the divorcee club a few years from now still completely un self aware that they are the ones who have put this on themselves in the first place.

The social media scene doesn’t help to stop this shitshow from taking place, if anything it enables it. Big shiny rings on full display, and yet people fall into the trap of thinking that this fake appearing ‘happiness’ is only a ring and a proposal away. Millennials rush their way into marriage without truly knowing what they are signing themselves up for.

You can (unfortunately) get away with a lot of things in life nowadays, but marrying someone you barely know just isn’t one of them. Instead of asking the universe to slap you in the face years down the road for making poorly thought decisions, give yourself that reality check before jumping on an already sinking ship.

Unhappy wife, unhappy married life?



Lol well when property prices make it impossible to own a home on a single salary marriage for millennials make all the more sense to get a roof over your head