Mainstreaming Organized Crime - The Dark Empire Of Pornography

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“Pornography is the theory, and rape is the practice.”
― Robin Morgan

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Porn is a Machiavellian form of sexual exploitation. Selling the sexual dream while hiding the nightmare it produces behind closed doors where humiliation knows no bounds. Free agency is an outrageous lie that looks lovely as fuck on paper only. Because no woman in their right mind would consent to have their body used as an instrument of pleasure were it not for the money.

What porn likes more than a perfect tight little pussy is Profit with a capital P. Each time you jerk off watching porn, while attempting to pleasure yourself you normalize the practice of pornography, which thus contributes to solidify its solid rock place on the market.

What hurts more than getting fucked on someone else’s terms is the dissociation that comes with it - our only chance at survival. The tragedies going on in between and after these scenes will forever remain absent to the fantasy depicted on your screen. But like any game played in society, you never win unless you’re the one making up the rules.

With the same violence men use to destroy these women bodies, porn destructs any hope for them to one day restore a possible sense of sanity. That sanity will forever rest in the hands of those who falsely made them believe that doing porn was the answer to their life problems.

The adult industry is the epitome of fake it till you make it. The horribly sad truth is that we will put everything on the line - our health, dignity, safety - to secure that bag. We sell pleasure while desperately enough trying to convince ourselves that we’re enjoying every bit of it. But the reality is that were it not for the magic power of mind altering substances, we’d be incapable of keeping up with the recurring thoughts screaming at us that we're filled with disgust.


It's a horrible industry of exploitation for sure, its modern-day slavery. I have no issue with what people put in their bodies and who they do it with, but I have a problem that others misusing it and profiting off of others.

Always feared what it would do to kids when they watch it. It has already become the template for entire societies, orienting themselves on what they see on the screen.

I really missed ya!