Playing It Cool - The Most Nonsensical Modern Dating Game

in #life3 months ago

“-Do you want me to leave?
-Do you want me to stay?
-Do you love me?
-Do you want me?
-Then leave me
-I can't
-Then stay with me
-I can't, I can't, I can't
*Equation of a fucked up relationship”
― Malak El Halabi


Your favorite love guru is back at it again. Jks I ain’t no guru and I don’t make a living out of scamming people. Back to serious business. Playing it cool just ain’t that cool, you know? This isn’t high school drama class, can we stop playing around? This is as good as it gets in the playground of adult children. Just for the record, playing the game of “who can pretend to care less” is a sure way to make the plane crash upon its departure. Tighten your seat belt babe, turbulence is coming your way.

Romantic relationships are beyond overrated. People are obsessed with the idea of finding their one true love that will last for eternity. I may have failed my high school maths but for fucks sake I still have a bit of logic left in me. Don’t try to blue pill me by attempting to sell me a broken fantasy.

Building a potential relationship on a foundation of indifference is senseless to say the least. Clarity and honesty should be the ones calling the shots. This isn’t Cirque du Soleil - leave your performing mask at home. Ain’t nobody got time to jump through your fifty hoops of nonsense.

I don’t know who created these games but they sure as hell didn’t do their homework right. I understand that getting on the limerence wagon is all fun and games, but if it comes at the cost of hiding our true authentic needs it isn’t worth all the feels.

Having game is cool for entertainment purposes, but not when it involves playing with the most fragile human organ there is. Being real is the best way to seal the deal. Put your cards on the table, and stop pretending to have four aces hiding in your pocket. The truth will always find its way, you’re fooling yourself if you think bullshiting your way through will bring you anywhere worthwhile.