The Appeal Of Scarcity

in #life3 months ago

" Scarcity of love creates its need;
abundance kills its longevity
. "


The devil works hard but scarcity works harder. Anything gains in attraction the moment it starts to run away from us. That’s when our reptilian brain joins the party and takes on the chase, because hey, he won’t let you get away like this!

Scarcity runs the world. Its appeal can’t possibly be surpassed. Shit gets tempting when there’s a time limit on it. The animal in us doesn’t like it when the clock says tick tock. We jump on the golden opportunity that is scarcity before it gets taken away from us.

Indifference is the biggest player in the game. Why? Because he doesn’t give one single fuck. And those who don’t care have nothing to lose. When your conscience runs on empty, you can take advantage of this all too desirable bad boy called scarcity. That’s the foundation of fakery on which rests our economy.

That’s why neediness repels us, and avoidance gets the best of us. We want the limited edition, the unavailable fuckboy, the last piece of pie. This is the weak spot of our human brain - our narcissistic nature wants to proudly wear scarcity like a trophy.

Nothing can stop us - not even the label “currently out of stock.” We’re getting sold illusions all day long, that’s why everything always looks more fairytale like from afar. Tragically, it’s probably better to want something and never get it, because at least then hedonic adaptation won’t break the fun for you by making you become used to it.

The wanting phase is what’s most exciting. Because you know the drill right? The getting phase will time and again lead you to the same death end - it’s gonna remind you that no matter what you get, time will always make that thing become less and less enticing.