Trust, But Verify

in #life3 months ago


Human beings love the easy way out. We buy into our own bs on the regular, but won’t take no shit from nobody. Hypocrites at best, delusional at worst. Rolling the dices of projection, life’s a game in which the winner is the one with the highest capacity for deflection. Lying to our own selves all day long, yet getting mad like crazy when people do us wrong. We hold others to unattainable standards, all the while hiding proudly behind our nasty obsession with double standards.

I won't ever take ownership, but if you fuck with me, won't be long before I call it quits. Fragile egos, damaged conscience, nothing seems to wake us up from our state of permanent ignorance. High on oblivion, our unconscious driving force in life is to seek comfort in the reassuring arms of our own self made illusions. Innocent until proven guilty, we pray that this time we haven't given our trust in the hands of a potential enemy. They say the best offense is a good defense, if you keep your guards down chances are you'll get knocked down.

Trust, but get ready to be proven wrong. Stay on your toes, you never really know when the secuding facade of the ones you've put your trust into will come to a close. Don't take things at face value, human deception runs deep into our dna. Blind spots never run out of style, they're here to stay, and the more you remain unaware of them, the more they'll have their way.


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