Why Logic Fails Us In The Love Department

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If there’s one thing that’s certain about the human heart it’s that it doesn’t abide by the rules of rationality. He’s stuck on his illogical ways and no amount of reasoning can change that. The heart wants what it wants - even if those wants are tragically toxic.

Stepping into the territory of romantic love is like entering a casino - the stakes are high - and the odds are sadly not stacked in your favour. We would never in a million years willingly put a foot into a broken plane yet we don’t think twice about venturing into the high risk playground of romantic love. Love doesn’t need no fixing - our broken soul does.

Our delusional idealism is the reason why we jump from one sinking ship to the next. We expect people to meet all of our demands and expectations yet we rarely if ever hold ourselves to these same standards. Give me the world and I’ll give you what I have - a Ph.D in unhealed wounds and trauma.

We are terrified of putting our fragile heart into the hands of another being. Rightfully so, human beings are unpredictable at best, self-destructive at worst.But that’s the price that comes with the territory. Can’t ace a game if you don’t understand its rules. That still won’t stop the commitment phobics, emotionally unavailable and damaged people that haven’t done the healing work to spit their poison onto others.

Why do we desperately try to rationalize what’s inherently irrational? Why do we relentlessly seek for closure from someone who acts in the most nonsensical of ways? You can’t make sense of the nonsense. “I’m too into you, therefore I will leave you.” Logic doesn’t call the shots, our uncontrollable fear impulse does.


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Stop hating on ❤️ love! We all need it, just comes in different shapes and sizes! Sometimes it comes in the shape of of a dark handsome foreigner

Lol I ain't hating brother! Just spilling the cold hard truth:P
Oh look at you wearing your conceited mask;)


the truth hurts doesn't?:P
jks jks💙