Getting excited about quarantine life

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While the rest of Tokyo has been blissfully acting as if the corona virus is a sad thing happening far far away from them, I’ve just been waiting for it to hit. The truth is, they bite their nails and stay awake at night worrying about it, but act as if it won’t come if they keep their heads down.

“Japan is seeing less cases because we have good habits like wearing masks and rinsing our mouths”

I laughingly add “and sleeping less than 5 hours a night average, and going into work sick, and stuffing themselves on packed trains, and drinking every night”.

The fact is, people aren’t really being tested here which is why the numbers are so low. After the first 200 or so cases, a friend was pretty sure he had the virus and when he went in with a terrible cough, the doctor told him he was young and shouldn’t worry about it too much. Apparently if you insist they will give you a test after 4 days of heavy symptoms.

So if there are 1000 reported cases now, you have to assume it’s got to be at least 10,000 cases, probably more, most of which don’t know they have it.

And everyone wonders why I think this is just the beginning for Japan? The fact is, they know it too, but they feel comforted by the media which says “stay home and cook some nice meals for yourself this weekend and everything will be ok.”

I’m not panicking at all. I’m just preparing myself for a month in my room that I know is coming eventually, and trying to not to catch it because I don’t want to pass it to any of the elderly people I know, some of which have health problems.

Schools are staying open for half days so parents can go to work in the morning...but if they’re going for half days what difference is a full day. Trains are running limited less people are moving around but the trains are just as crowded. They are encouraging people not to do cherry blossom viewing, but still many companies do not allow you to work at home. People are nervous all the time but they still crowd into Fast food restaurants and izakaya.

It’s all good. I’m getting ready for a month in doors and whatever happens happens. I hope to grow and evolve and come out a beautiful damn butterfly.

I plan on doing each for an hour a day:

Stretching and meditation
Writing novel
Practicing guitar scales
Practicing songs
Muscle training / yoga
Studying Japanese
Studying Spanish / Indonesian / Cantonese
Working on podcast
Chatting with friends

I want to jam pack my days full of productivity and meditation.

Hopefully I’ll be healthy and able to do all that. I promise I’ll make the most of it 😊



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I must say when I was in Tokyo 8 weeks ago I was impressed, everyone with masks and sanatizer in every lift and shop. Compered to the cluster cuss that is elsewhere I would rather be there ;-)

People do what they are supposed to do. So when the people around them wear masks, they wear masks. But the people around them have also been overworking as usual and going to packed bars and restaurants so...

It’s gonna change real quick though. Probably this weekend

Its funny because its almost like the music stops and then you look around and its a ghost town. It has to reach some level of collective panic for people to take the restrictions seriously.


stay inside!!!!!!
yeah, here the children play with each other and visit friends' houses, acting like nothing is even happening.
Our state now has over 800 cases, and people are absolutely oblivious.
i had no idea that japan has schools still open, shocking!

I have a feeling Japan might be worse than most of Europe in the end. They just don’t know how to stop going to work or how to rest and it’s going to take a massive toll this time. They think their good habits are going to save them from an epidemic but it's just slowing it down, which I guess is all governments really care about. As long as the economy keeps running.

We're mostly self-isolating because all the things we usually go to have stopped. I thought I would be super productive and get all the things done but that hasn't happened yet x_x Seems even when we're home there's too much to do XD

If I had kids, I’d turn all my goals into games and see if my kids wanted to play. “Ok it’s guitar game time, see if you can learn all the notes of the fretboard before daddy!” Or if they didn’t want to I’d play the sleep game “a prize for whoever can sleep the longest!”

My kids are too old for that XD

i like your plan...