Some Reasons Of Avoid Shaving And Keep Beard

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There are some men who are take shave time to time. But this is not enough. Now a days many of us keep beards and become fashionable. They keeping different types of stylish and fashionable beards. The idea is not bad. There are many benefits of keep it. So let's take a look some beneficial side of keep beards.

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  • Without cut your beard you can get a fuzzy, bold and spectacular face.

  • After a study the professors of New South Wales
    University advice all men to keep a stylish beard for more attractive looks.

  • One of the University of Boston found that, a men waste 139 days of his life for shaving. So if you wants to save your days, keep your beard.

  • Without beard, direct sun light will fall on the skin. After shaving, we have to use different types of chemicals. All of these increase the possibility of skin cancer etc.

  • Many people's skin is very sensitive. If they shave again and again. Then due to the sensitivity of the skin, shaving rash is created. By keep beard, this problem will be solved easily.

  • The dermatologists suggest to keep beard to protect skin against cancer.

  • Acne is also found in the skin of men. Shaving products and Dust-Sand cause this problem.
    By keeping beard, all can get rid of the problem too easily.

  • People who keep their beards on their skin the impression of age falls slowly.

  • Some man, looks like a small boy without beard.

So we should try to keep our beard.

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