Some Tips About Memorize Your Study Quickly

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Hello dear Steemians, Good day to all. Hope all of you stay with joy by the grace of God. I am fine too.

This post is specially for those, who are busy with study.

Students have to study under great stress at different times. There is a lot of pressure on writing, playing or presentation and creative work. So I am going to write about some expert advice on how to fix everything or tackle any problem. They are some effective way to quickly memorize your study.

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Read loudly:
Read out loud. Reading aloud puts information in the head quickly. Even when you listening a song loudly, it remembers quickly. What you read will be memorized quickly when you enter it into the ear.

Set your target when you read. Decide how many pages to finish in the book. Otherwise you will lose focus and waste your time.

Be your own teacher:
Do your own teaching to understand what you read, what you memorize, etc. Test it yourself and verify it.

Whatever you learn, write it down. Note these. If written, it will quickly enter the head and not be easily forgotten.

Use of the Internet:
In the modern age, the Internet offers great benefits of education. Get an idea of ​​the different topics. A lot of things about the subject you are reading may not be in the book. Check them out on the Internet. The idea will be clear.

Pause your study:
Restlessness reading will make your self bored. For this, take a short break at the middle of study time.

Chewing Gum:
You can chew it when reading. Research shows that chewing gum helps to get the study into the head quickly. During this time, the brain activity becomes faster and the gum flavors become very beneficial.

After reading a long time, take a walk for 15-20 minutes for rest some time. This will increase the blood circulation of the body and relax the brain.

Thanks to all for stopping by.

Hope this tips are helpful to you. Stay tuned.


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