Locked out

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I got locked out of my house today. Not very happy. I took steps to make sure that never happens again. I think everyone should do that and also have an extra car key as well.


Fortunately I was only locked out for like 30 minutes but I'm still not a happy camper.

Tuesday 10-13-20



Having an extra car key now a days means spending fifty bucks. I can't lock myself out of my house unless I were to lose my house key while out and about. You have to have the key to lock it, it still has the original old door handle so it just locks with a deadbolt. Having the door handle also lock isn't that concerning for me after several years ago I locked myself out of my salon while I ran to pick the kids up from school. It took one of my customers less than a minute to jimmy it open, door handle locks are basically useless unless they have two metal plates that butt up tightly against each other.


I drove GM/Chevy products the majority of my life. I had a Chevy corsica for sixteen years, believe me that car went places in it's lifetime, great vehicles.


I am very glad that everything ended well for you

Well that all ended well,thank you very much for the exchange