Iglesia Nueva (Son Servera)

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The iglesia Nueva de Son Servera — S’Església Nova in catalán, or 'New Church', is an unfinished church in the Neo-Gothic style , in Son Servera, Mallorca, Spain, intended for Catholic worship and carrying out cultural activities.

The construction works began in 1905 by the architect Don Juan Rubió Bellver (1870-1952), a collaborator of Don Antoni Gaudí (1852-1926), also taking charge of seeking the necessary financing. However, the works had to be suspended in 1929 due to financial problems. Subsequently, conservation works were carried out between 1994 and 1995 and various complementary works in 2007 and 2008. source


Since my return to Mallorca, I have visited this place a total of three times thus far. I'm not religious, or hugely into architecture, but I have found this place both peaceful and pleasant. When visiting churches and cathedrals, I'm often drawn to the impressive work that's gone on up high - painting a ceiling white with a massive brush is hard enough!

However, due to a lack of funds (which seems to be a reoccurring theme on this part of the island), the rain blocker didn't get built and instead, we have light!






So far, I've not seen a single person inside the grounds, but Google tells me that there are jazz festivals here from time to time, and a friend (who tipped me off to the presence of the church) told me a friend of theirs got married here. I did however make a friend on one of the trips, and would like to see them again...




This cat was unlikely a stray as it felt strong and looked well fed. It was also very friendly and spent some time sitting on my knee suckling my jacket. In the past I've not found the cats here particularly friendly, but this one made up for the others lack of warmth.

Since I've moved to Mallorca, I'm often asked by my work colleagues if I have found the library yet. It's has turned into a running joke, as it is the limit to their Spanish. Until Saturday, my answer has been a no, but now I can report otherwise...



It took three trips for me to venture up the stairs to the left of the building as you face it, there are no doors at ground level which feels strange - an excuse to give if found wandering around I guess. The library was locked, although I'll need to improve my Spanish to make any use of it.





If you have the weather for it, I think open-plan is certainly an option!




These pictures are wonderful. Many years ago (June of 1967), I traveled with a friend to Cadiz. The idea was to take a course at the University and improve my Spanish skills. I never took that course but hung around Cadiz for about six weeks. I traveled to Jerez de la Frontera and Majorca, and also ambled up to Sevilla.

I didn't do anything at all that summer, but my Spanish did improve :)) Here's a picture from the trip. I believe it was taken in Cadiz, but am not certain.

cadiz 001.jpg

Great photo :)

I also improved my Spanish a little in Cadiz and Jerez this summer, and sampled a spot of the local brew here :)


Wishing you a fantastic 2021!

I love that blog. Thanks for bringing back memories.

We traveled on such a modest budget. Stayed in modest pensions, bought bread at the corner bakery and ate at modest cafes. So we really were not very much like tourists, certainly not like American tourists. I think we got to see much more of the 'people' than most tourist might.

What a trip that was. I look forward to traveling vicariously with you :)

Happy New Year.

Thank you, I'm glad to rekindle some fond memories :)

Travelling light and on a budget can provide the best insight - the trip to the Bodega was one of my more lavish days out I must say.

Hopefully some more of Mallorca will catch your eye soon enough, Happy New Year!

what a nice weather!! Are these recent pictures, so sunny and you're even wearing shorts? I'm jealous :)

Yeah, most were taken on Saturday, the rest were taken the weekend prior.

I was in shorts all day yesterday too, although that was pushing it a little as the wind was a bit sharp!

That is magnificent. One of the spots I'd visit when I was in Palma was St Eulalia - a little church in the old city - not far from Placa Major and the post office. Of course, this was more than 20 years ago and before the days of TripAdvisor... I have always regretted not taking photos - either inside or outside the church. There were often devotees there... Not relgious either, but I was there at a time in my life when the peace of the church still stays with me.

I don't know it by name but was in Palma last week and could have walked right by. I'll take some photos next time in town for you!

Magnificent indeed, I do enjoy spending time here - even more so when the cat is around 😀

Bless you! I'd appreciate that. That black cat could be our Princess Pearli's cousin...

One of the things I'd still love to do, if/when I get back to Mallorca is the night walk to Lluc. That, too made a huge impression on me. Again, no photos. All in my personal memory bank. I was struck by all the little shrines along the way and made my friend stop so that I could take a photo of one on the road between Porta de Valdamossa and the village. I'll have to scan it - that was before the days of digital cameras... As I said, it was at a time in my life when I was re-kindling my spiritual side - as opposed to religious. It was part of my being able to embrace, acknowledge and respect all faiths.

Oh dear. A bit deep for a Monday after Christmas....sorry!!

Sometimes the memories can be better than the photos :)

I've visited Valdamossa, a few years ago now and also don't have any photos. There is much to explore on the island still, I'm saving for a car and hope to get around a bit more next year.

Have a great new year!


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Looks nice, I thought you were supposed to working in Spain?

And man you got out JUST in time!

Today is my boxing day as the official one fell on the weekend. Working tomorrow though, and it certainly seems that way!

Impressive, it is a great structure in spite of not being finished it looks very imposing and elegant.

It really is worth a visit - I think I prefer it this way :)

Looks amazing...
Nice to hear you have made a new friend as well 😀 x

Yeah it's super cool, and the cat... 😍

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Great way to end the year 😉

Such a beautiful place

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Cheers! !Beer !

You are the only visitor! That swell! I know at least one other church which I used to visit often for the same reason. That didn’t have roof either...




Hope to see a lot more from Mallorca in near future! Take care.

Seems we both prefer open plan :)

Being the only visitor on all three occasions is great, no distractions, just time in my own thoughts. I think I'll visit again today, and would love for the cat to be there.

Happy New Year!

What a tranquil place and what a beautiful spot. And in the last week of the year crossing paths with a black cat 🧐 isn’t that messing with good faith or is it bad luck ?

Still a day to go but thanx for all the votes, prizes and all those numbers this year, have a great new year

I consider time with a cat of any colour, good luck :)

thanx for all the votes, prizes and all those numbers this year

My pleasure, Happy New Year!

Nice photos... and I like "your" black cat, having one of those myself!

Sacred spaces are very peaceful, and good places to generally just "be," I guess because they offer a break from the hustle and bustle of life. I'm not a religious person either, but I have often visited churches and temples; used to be just to sit and think, and sometimes write in my paper journal. Somehow, they feel like places where your space is respected, and you can be left undisturbed to work though whatever is going through your mind.

Happy New Year to you, if I don't swing by "this way" before then!

... good places to generally just "be," I guess because they offer a break from the hustle and bustle of life

Yes I agree, the church is right in the centre of Son Servera but once 'inside', it doesn't feel that way at all.

I hope your cat is as friendly as this one :)

Happy New Year!

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That is so beautiful and so is the new friend that you found! I am so happy that you have sunshine and wonderful new places to explore. I'm looking forward to seeing more of Mallorca! ❤️

I would call that a happy mistake! Besides, the weather there is pretty good year round, and I believe it would be much cheaper to provide waterproof bibles than to roof the thing.