How to know if an alcoholic drink has been adulterated.

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How to know if an alcoholic drink has been adulterated.

Be careful in many countries people are dying from adulterated alcohol, that is why this post will allow you to identify an adulterated bottle.

The problem with adulterated drinks is Methanol, which is so dangerous, with 30 ml you wake up intoxicated, but you take twice that, or 60 ml it is very likely that you wake up dead.

Here are the basic rules that your drink must have if it is legitimate:

1. At least the back label must come in your language.

2. Another rule is that the bottle has a governing permit, in many cases it is an IQ code.

But all this does not help you if you receive open bottles, it is the proof of the aroma, with the simple aroma we can distinguish.

If we are consuming wiskey, the cousin of wisky, the test is simple, we smear a little on the palm and smell, it smells alcohol, we move our hands a little and we smell again, we hope that it evaporates and we smell again, and it is This case smells mainly of corn and cereal.

If the drink we are trying is rum, it should smell like sugar cane, once we have done the previous steps.

If the drink we are testing is vodka, it should smell like wheat and cereal.

If the drink we are trying is tequila, it must smell like maguey, agave. In general, the drink should smell what it is made of.

Now we do the test to Methanol, the alcohol that we should not drink, we spread it on the palm and we smell it; it smells of alcohol, we shake the palm so that it evaporates and aerate, we smell it again; It still smells like alcohol, we shake it again, it still smells like alcohol.

Alert, if that happens, you are about to drink methanol or adulterated alcohol and can be fatal.

Now you know, you already have the tools to distinguish between a good drink and adulterated alcohol.

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