Engagement is the real key Huhhh ?

in marlians •  3 months ago 

Well they say engagement here on Steemit or Hive now is the key !!

Is it really ??

You think about it what you see some whales up voting each others post via some third account naming its as something for community help but behind something else is going.

While even those people who think will help you to grown but they seem to be collecting their tokens they don't even care well it has to be.

Don't expect anything from here its useless have been here from 2017 and finally decided its useless to even think about.

The things won't change whether it steem or hive keep developing keep shilling and keep the drama continue !!!

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I know you have always done a lot of comments, and they are probably seldom replied to - thanks for all your comments. I think things have changed on Hive - not the payouts but the attitude. If someone sounds a bit bummed out people are more likely to have a crack at cheering them up than they would have done on Steemit.


Watching others with less effort or passion towards the chain get better rewards, not just the whales there's also the beggars and dumpers with high rep and little to no HP... I know the feeling all too well. My rep has been stuck at 65 for months watching noobs fly by on half-ass content and whatnot

Like you said we just have to 'keep developing' and shilling. I've almost given up on upvotes, now I just build as a hobby and to play my part in crypto adoption while generating more revs from outside of the upvote pool ie reflinks and a freemium service, the Hive Blockchain Search & Directory at HiveWhat.com

Speaking the hard truth my man. I experimented with massive amounts of engagement only to see it had little effect. If you rep score is low and you don't have enough HP, you won't get any attention in this place.

Outside of ReggaeSteem, I used to be on two whitelists of other curation communities pre HF. The HF left ReggaeSteem in dire straits, and the other two communities have turned a blind eye to me. I rarely even get curated anymore now on the Hive, and I spend hours and hours creating my posts.

It is depressing to put your heart and soul into a post over two days, then watch someone with rep 75 or 80 post a picture and a 100 words, then make $40. Even worse are the curators, because every content creator is trying to get their attention, any post a curator makes, no matter how poor quality it is, will almost always be upvoted through the roof every time.