It's MENE Monday! The Secret Attribute of Gold.

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Has the World Flipped Upside-down?

Not really, I filmed these 24K MENE earrings with MENE24K upside-down, so I reversed the photo!

One of my favorite features of 24K gold is how sharp edges eventually wear down, even after very little use. You can see the edges of the cube have become soft - this is how you know that it's 24K.

The Secret Attribute of Gold You May Not Know About

Gold is a fluid.

We all know that gold is a metal, it's silly to say it's a fluid. But in reality, it's an extremely high-viscosity metal fluid. It's funny to think of gold as a fluid, but it is - just imagine what happens when gold is heated up to 1000 degrees F. It'll melt into a puddle. Eventually, even in normal temperature ranges, given enough time gold will "melt" too, but as in multitudes and multitudes of years. Naturally found nuggets are often flat, not because they're squished, but because they have "melted" into puddles over time.

Image Source

Gold nuggets discovered in Alaska are thicker and less flat because colder temperatures increases the viscosity and they stay in chunks.

What Properties of Gold are Like a Liquid?

Just like a liquid, gold can be "cold pressed" to join together as a single substance. This is similar to combining two liquids together. Given the extreme viscosity of gold, the two "liquids" won't fully mingle and mix, but they become one substance if pressed together with enough force.

Gold is so soft, it could be compared to chewing gum. If one speck of gold comes in contact with another speck of gold, under the right conditions they can collect together making a larger speck of gold! Similar how one drop of water will combine with another drop of water. Whereas water is low-viscosity, just touching will combine them, gold is extremely high-viscosity requiring pressure for the two pieces to meld into one.

Gold Can be "Dissolved" in Water

Not really dissolved, but atomized to create a colloidal solution. Gold can be separated into such small pieces that it can be suspended in water. What's amazing is how the colloidal gold solution is red/purple - the true color of gold at an atomic level. An entire gallon of colloidal gold, if left to evaporate, would leave a blackish film on the bottom of the container. Yup, that stain is the entirety of gold suspended in the liquid. It would be difficult to combine back into gold metal, but if you had enough of it you could. Gold cannot be destroyed.

Image Source


I hope you have found this #menemonday interesting. Don't let that gold slip through your fingers! Pick up some MENE and grow your investment today.


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Thank you for your educational take on Mene Monday @ironshield!

My pleasure. I enjoyed researching!

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Very interesting information, @ironshield! I enjoyed your article!

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Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!

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It's gold

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Great suggestions of books, looks like good reads.

all of this is information that i don't knowed and find it like a good thing to know, i like a lot minerals,just that i dont goo deeper on that, this is a good way to get close to this information.

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Howdy sir ironshield! how interesting. I've heard of colloidal silver of course but not colloidal gold! Super cool information.