eSteem Mobile App: Spin And Win 🤩

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Yesterday, I came across this post about @esteemapp and new version review by @toofasteddie.

It is a pretty good post and I really liked it.
eSteem and the engagement incentive

I left a comment and then this happened 😲

I guess a lot of people don't know about this free spin 🤔
Or @esteemapp doesn't want us to know about this "secret" feature? 😉 jk

If you like eSteem app or interested in using this app,
you should definitely know about this because you will get more ESTM Token!

Go to wallet page

And click "GET ESTM"


🎉 "SPIN & WIN" 🎉

I won 45 ESTM yesterday 🎊

It looks like you could win 200 ESTM?

And I also like to mention this again.

Delegate your Steem Power!

500SP | 1000SP | 5000SP
I think this is the easiest way to earn ESTM token everyday.

Interested in eSteem? Sign up Here



Nice 😍
We haven't had chance to post about each new features, but we will make separate posts about details of each new changes. And of course, communities help like this always welcome 🙌


It might depend what countrys sim card you have, maybe Norwegen are too rich to be allowed free tokens 🤣 I have a norwegen sim

That sucks

You need to update the app.

Yes, i think you need to update the app first😆

oh, good point!😝

I love this app. I didn’t know about the free spin feature, that’s cool.

Nice! My post is helping someone 😆

It sure did! Thank you very much.

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Excellent! Thanks for the explanation and mention !BEER .

Haha thank YOU!
You started 🙂
!giphy thank you

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Hey @tomoyan, here is a little bit of BEER from @toofasteddie for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking.

I won 5

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I never noticed the free esteem ootion. On my way to see what I get.

Im glad i made this post 🙂
!giphy thank you

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I'm glad you did as well. I'm loving that improvements.

Thanks for this briefing

!giphy thank you

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This new Esteemapp is better.
It's a must that you'll get you points and promote your post.
I love this app

Yes! New and improved haha

Thanks a lot! I didn’t know about this feature either.

Don’t forget easy ESTM everyday!



Im lucky today, i got 30 estm... Already knew it but sometimes i just forget to spin and win too

Nice! I want 200 today!
!giphy lol

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With the new features (daily spin + referals), eSteem is taking engagement on Steem to another level.

Yes yes and these are easy to earn 🙂

Nice. Thank you for the tip!

Haha thank you!
!giphy smile

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What is the exchange course ESTM <-> steem?

Posted using Partiko Android

I don’t think you can exchange ESTM yet
But i think it will come in the future.

I never knew about the spin and win seems a well kept secret, I just tried it out now and bagge 45 ESTM

!giphy nice

I don't have this feature 🤔

Dis you update the app?

I did

Yet, one more reason to be grateful for @esteemapp. Much appreciated 🙏🏼


Ok thanks
I will try this spin.


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!giphy nice

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I'll definitely going to try this 😍

Edited: I just went and spinned it lol.


40 ESTM nice!!
!giphy big money

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I came across this post! And will surely try this! Thank youuuu

!giphy win big

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