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While there aren't many good points coming out of 2020 with the swarms of locusts killing crops, earthquakes in New Zealand, Storms in the Philippines, wars in the middle east and for those who are unaffected, we're all dealing with the coronavirus lockdowns. Finding the silver lining is tough, especially for the miserable bastards such as myself.

One of the positives I take out of this entire situation is the sentiment I am seeing where people are looking up from the latest reality shows, and Instagram feeds and thinking hey, this economy and money thing seem weird.

If US prints 6 Trillion in a month and their tax revenue is only 3 Trillion. The UK has spent more in the last month than they did last year and other central banks are all following in smaller amounts (relative in purchasing power).

The magic of money

Now if we can print till the cows come home at any time, why are so many people poor? Surely we can just give everyone the same amount of funny money and equalise close the gap between the rich and the poor?

Magic money printing unfortunately only works when it's done for the rich, or so they tell you. When printed and given to the rich, they can horde and gamble it and keep it from the real economy to enjoy the purchasing power we all fight for and create with the velocity of money in the real economy.

If they were to crank open the valve, their magic money would not have the floor and would be worth a lot less.

Ignorance Is Bliss

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Why do we pay taxes

If you can print as much money as you want, why do we pay taxes? We pay taxes to provide a sense of control and to sell the people the lie that they are contributing to society when in fact all you're doing is paying the debt and servicing the interest of the bondholders.

If there is one thing that redistributes money from the poor to the rich, then its taxes, how many people own government debt? I would imagine very few; I would imagine they would be 1%, hmmmmmm.

Why do we have jobs

The second question I see people talk about is, why do we need jobs? I mean surely the government can print money send it to people than just tax the ones willing to work for more and add tax on good and services and rinse and repeat in a welfare state.

The fact is the financial economy doesn't need us to work, they just need us to believe that our labour would make us rich one day and believe the best way to manage your wealth is in their funny money. The more you want it, the more power they have to do what they want with the printing they do.

Essentially most jobs in this financial economy are useless. If we all got paid to look at ads on Facebook and then use that money from the ads to buy shit we saw in the ads, it would be the SAME thing.

Jobs apart from agriculture, health and shelter (NOT Real Estate)are becoming essential useless and bullshit jobs.

Let them eat steak

We live in the matrix of money where the matrix tells us money is valuable and that it's can make us wealthy if we work harder for it, but it's all a lie. Fiat money is like collecting water in a bucket filled with holes, the more you fill it, the quicker it runs out through those holes.

The system is designed to keep you poor unless you're networking with banksters. Yes, you can show me anecdotal evidence of people doing well, and yes there is improved prosperity, but that's only because you can't see what prosperity should be look had we not run with this fraudulent financial system.

Bitcoin takes the value of time and multiplies it

Money has always been humans failed attempt at valuing labour and allowing us to take labour and store it long term. Fiat was a stop-gap because gold couldn't be digitised and dispersed effectively at a rapid rate.

Digital money has been bastardised and took cracks in our system and blew it up a million times bigger, but Bitcoin solves this problem.

Why Bitcoin? Bitcoin has a mesh network of people all committed to keeping the marketcap at 21 million, all committed to never salvaging lost Bitcoin and its a finite product that needs energy and effort to be produced. If tomorrow we took all the worlds resources and focused it on mining gold you bet your ass we'd drive the inflation rate of the gold way up.

Bitcoin can't do that, the more you try to mine it the harder it becomes and the more the value becomes as people throw more resources at mining it. Bitcoin is the epitome of time and value and as long as we all agree to support that vision it will never change.

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We have seen that it is possible to shut down a complete economy and life continues.

I think thats relative to wear you live in this world as well as your class standing, yes "life" goes on but for many it will be a life of very poor standard of living

I find it unfortunate how people do not see the truth you wrote about. People who in their 70 think: I did well working for 40 years paying taxes. Oh my oh my. The whole system would crash if people would know and do better. Farewell my steak lol

Lol please DON"T tell my parents that, they LOVE paying taxes, they always tell me its the "right thing to do" and "give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar" its the lies they need to tell themselves to comfort themselves from the tragedy of 40 years of giving away your income for no other reason than you didn't challenge it.

I think so too, I think people know what to do with their money better than what governments can do with our money lol.

I'll bring the steak if you promise to show me some Romanian recipes with it, yum 😋


Don't get me started with food again😂😂😂😂 old generation has a different mentality

Lol then I guess I shouldn't send you this, but I am going to do it anyway, its a recipe I want to try

Although I am not a meat fan, I must say this looks yummy. Wine, honey and meat... What a combination. The word "unctuous" fits perfectly to this. The salad looked so good. I can already imagine a sweet sower nice taste. Cooking outside is so awesome. I dream about having an outside kitchen. Rustic and comfy.
There is a cool channel with a guy cooking outdoor too

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