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RE: The 3 Phases Towards Financial Failure

in #money5 months ago

I think you‘re right. We will see massive insolvencies.
As zombie companies are kept alive over years, the aggregate economic growth rate continues to shrink. In the end, not all zombies can be rescued by governments and then we will see the consequences of central bank manipulation over at least 2 decades - insolvencies, rampant unemployment, turmoil on the streets, governments under pressure, perhaps wars 🥶


You have a firm grasp of things looks like you’ve been following this thing for some time now! Yes I agree the only way to close the gap is to accept defeat and allow for private money and ownership or hold on into hyperinflation and currency collpase! It’s run away economics now and there’s nothing that’s going to stop it sadly

I don’t even think CBDCs will be the answer as they acted too late! I really didn’t want it to go this way even as a Bitcoin bull I always preferred the slow transition to this movement by death or currency