Every block of stone has a statue inside, it is the sculptor who should discover it

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Every block of stone has a statue inside, it is the Sculptor who should discover it

Garden of sculptures

I have got few photographs of artists work in a garden. These photographs are my entry for daily #monomad challenge and also to the beautiful community of #blackandwhite


Camera Used
Nikon D5300 with 70-300mm lens
Location is at Gibbs garden in Georgia USA.

The place is known as Gibbs Garden and you can check on google maps. This place was at an hour drive from Atlanta and it is known for tulip gardens. The garden grows flowers based on seasons and keeps the garden flowered all year.

Our visit was with a heavy crowd and had to stay late to get some place for the crowd to melt down and spend peaceful time.

I'm sharing the black and white photographs for monomad contest and will try to write a travelfeed story sometime later.

The other interesting part of the garden was the art works and the theme was small children imitations of playing.






Closer observation says you clearly that there is a kid with the statue 😊
In black and white they both look like Sculptured. They statue built are not from the rock but some metal, guess bronze or some hard metal. They look real if painted like humans.



Hope this photographs were worth your time.
Thanks for stopping by
Stay safe and have a great week ahead 😊

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Those statues are beautiful! Thanks a lot for the photos! Great shots! 😎