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Hello Everyone,
Welcome to my blog today as I would be dwelling on the topic tagged FINISHING WELL.

Finishing is bringing an end to something either be it a race, event, plans, dreams etc.

It can also mean terminating something or parting ways with something or somebody.

Finishing is a factor of STARTING. There cannot be a finishing without starting.

There is a big difference between finishing and finishing well. One can end something but might not end it well. It's not all end or finishing that is classified as a well end.


There are steps to finish well and some of them are listed below:

  1. Discovering Oneself. This is the first step in achieving greatness at the end of a project set. One has to know what he or she can do, he has to know his or her weakness and strength as well as his or her talent. Self discovery is key as it would help to set a path for success and well as good foundation.

  2. Make plans. After one has discovered him/herself, the next plan is to make plans and strategies how to carry out this what he/she intends to do.

  3. Make a Plan B. In making plans, always make a plan B which will be an escape route should in case anything goes wrong because its an unforseen task which is a risk and anything can happen along the line.

  4. Start without procrastination. Procrastination is a killer of time and dream, after setting plans, the next stage is to kick off, dont wait till you get all resources needed. START LITTLE as time wait for no one.

  5. Focus and pursue your goal. Focus and determination go hand in hand. In life, there are many things which will surely spring up to divert our focus. One has to stand firm and focus on his goal and chase it no matter what comes his/her ways. This might cost us to do away with somethings and people.

  6. Always crosscheck. As we continually pursue our goal, we need to always cross check if we are treading on our plan, this will help us evaluate our stand and give us a foresight of getting our goals.

  7. Improve yourself: In getting a goal achieved, one has to continually improve him/herself by going to training, seminar and symposium as well as reading books and following mentors who has achieved success in that path.

  8. Failure might come: Failure is something that can happen, it can happen as a result of missing a step while building one's dream or as a result of wanting the person to gain experience to bounce back. Failure is never the end especially if you want to end well. When you fall, bounce back and give it a shot once more. TIGER WOOD has this kind of story.

With this little tips I know we can start something today and has a good finishing.


I remain your humble blog pal SAMMIEGOLD.