Nocturnal Animals: A stunning film noir that resonates with ghostly, poetic terror

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Nocturnal Animals is a really intense film that tells us in an atypical way the traumatic story that a man lived with his family, basically this film tells us through a non-chronological plot a story within another story, where we see the different social nuances that a crime generated in the mind of a good man, a man who saw his world finished but still managed to gather forces to tell his story through a highly explicit and intense manuscript.


The plot of this film is not easy to follow because it has several timeless jumps that are made to build a mourning atmosphere that manages to trap us in an event that is really heartbreaking, but do not misunderstand me this despite being a film told through the pain and tragedy of a man, is not a sad film, on the contrary is a film that contrasts greatly with the violent dramas where we see a relentless search for revenge that manages to heal and reduce the pain of the protagonist. This is a film that is basically told in two ways, first we have the testimony of the man who lived the event and on the other hand we have the woman who is reading the recreation of events that happened to a man who was once her husband, basically the director what did was to join the visions of a reader with the person who tells an event to trigger a story full of drama, pain and moments of helplessness where we feel that divine justice simply does not exist.


This is a film that tells us how one night changed the life of a man completely, a man who while traveling along the road with his family was assaulted by a group of violent men who kidnapped his wife and daughter to rape and abuse them in every way to kill them, yes, the story will make us relive really intense moments where we will see all the suffering that two innocent women had to endure without any explanation, women who saw how their lives were extinguished in the hands of a group of men who did with them what they wanted without receiving any immediate impact. This is a film that brings out to the fullest the failure that the American police system sometimes has when it must act harder to find the criminals, a police system that was lacking in humanity when it came to act in defense of a man and his family.


The whole film is fantastically built to take us through a roller coaster of constant emotions where we will feel the pain, anger and helplessness of a man who in one night lost the two most important people in his life, but also the film fantastically manages to show us the reactions of other people to such a horrible event. Basically the film constantly plays with our mind and manipulates our senses to put us in an extremely uncomfortable situation where we will be forced to witness really heartbreaking and grotesque moments that reflect in large part the actions of criminal gangs that feel safe and able to do whatever they want.


This film not only has a really intense, dramatic and hard to assimilate script, it also has brilliant performances by Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Shannon; one being the husband whose family has just been raped and murdered and the other a dying policeman who sympathizes with and understands the pain of a man who at the time needed help to bring some kind of closure to a horrible situation. Both create an immediate bond that serves to raise the mood of the film and to create an atmosphere even more intense and entertaining where we will see how both commit under the same cause to collect revenge on a group of men accustomed to abuse and get away with it.


There is no doubt that this is a marvelous film, with an unexpected plot that, yes, of moments develops slowly by the constant temporary jumps, but that in general manages to transmit all the emotiveness of a rape and of an assault that would never have been solved by the traditional way. Undoubtedly a film that manages to establish visual dynamics and highly entertaining plot that I never get tired of seeing because they are along with the script the soul of a story full of pain and sadness. Generally speaking, this is a film that I highly recommend to see because it has a story factor based on real facts that besides making it super entertaining also make it extremely intense for all the social contrast that is masked behind a group of characters that lead us to constantly reflect on how damaged society is in many places.

Personal Score: 8,1

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