Patterns Are Everywhere

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There are not only visually visible patterns but also patterns in our behaviours.
Some of them are culturally influenced, others are raised in the parents' house and others are the result of different experiences.

I think it is important to check again and again whether you have not built up behaviour patterns that are in a way in your way.
Because it is often easier to act according to a certain pattern than to make new fresh decisions, but this is important to get ahead.

Just like old traditions, which are held according to certain patterns, I think that should finally be questioned and changed. There are too many traditions that cause bad animal suffering or people suffering.

In this sense: check your head and have a listen/watch to my new track Patterns :) ::

I used free video snippets from Pixabay to create this vid

In case you do not want to see any patterns while listening with better audio quality::

Thanks for visiting!! Much love..Psio❤️


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Nice song with a very suitable video and great thoughts on patterns!


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