Steem spammer gold comment turned into a legendary song /// Carl Gnash & Vache morte // ANALYZE MY FUNCTION?

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The most incredible story ever told on Steemit, if nothing else that's what I have in store for you today. If you have used the platform for a while you probably noticed some spammers relentlessly offering you the typical Follow me and follow you offer. Click here and vote my post is another classic. Once in a while a comment got lost in translation and turned out to be hilarious. for example this one I got 2 years ago:

"Nice post. Would you be kind enough to analyze my function?"

I answered:

"I would be happy to analyze your function I just don't know what you mean by function?"

I saved it and shared it on PAL discord with @isaria and others and we had a good laugh. I thought that was the end of it but I was wrong that was only the beginning...

Then @carlgnash also known as "The Ultimate Legend" asked for random lyrics in a post and not weighing the possible consequences I went ahead and offered him my recently found spammer gold. Using his genius musical power, he turned it into the most catchy song ever.

Upon a friendly reminder this week by Carl that I owe him a remix of the original track, I got busy and got groovy. The recording quality of the original performance was "telephone in the kitchen" type. So I did a little clean with noise reduction tools. The whole thing sounds a bit ghetto but I like it. this is a true moment captured on the spot so we are going with it and so are you.

If you listen this track one time you will be singing it for 2 days.
If you listen this track 2 times, you'll be humming it under your breath like a psycho for a full week straight. Just be careful, this is how powerful the stuff @carlgnash is made of.

Enjoy and know that a new page in the Analyze your Function Saga has been turned.

Analyze My Function - lyrics

Nice post
would you be kind enough
to analyze my function?
Nice post
would you be kind enough
to analyze my function?

I would be happy
to analyze your function
I just don't know what you mean
by function?

I would be happy
to analyze your function
I just don't know what you mean
by function?

Vocals, Guitar and Original Music by
Carl Gnash

Bass, Drums, Synth, lyrics and arrangement by
Vache Morte

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Oh holy shit! super filthy dirt that will corrupt the youth and liberate the elderly! Also it sounds a little like I am singing this from the bathtub time machine from the bottom of the Marianas trench. Vache you dead cow thank you for reminding me again of what I love about Steem. Despite all the warts and pimples on the arse of this blockchain there is still some wonderful playful creativity zinging around. You my friend are the stuff of legend. You honor me :) LOVE IT!!!

@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 20/35 - need recharge?)

"Pimples on the arse blockchain" should be the title of our next hit :)
Obviously you are the best and a true leader of mankind. I think we did a full circle on this project, who thought that I would say that one day... not me.
Big hug and much love bro.

amazing and hilarious. This is one of those 'steemit' moments I love when randomness pushes towards new creative endeavours! Happy 2020

King of randomness is my middle name, in certain part of town...
I received this comment in 2017 so 3 years in the making type project :)
Thanks for listening and wishing you and Winston an amazingly blessed 2020!!

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