Neoxian Has Been Updated For The Better

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With any new project such as tokens on steem engine and communities there is room to grow and adapt after testing something out.

Neoxian has recently made a change and to me even being a massive holder of mining there like this change.

Miners now get less mining rewards what use to be 50% of the Neoxag coins mined is now down to 30% which is still a solid number.

This opened up room to reward other areas of the community.

Now Proof of Brain or creating posts yields 60% of the rewards.

But the biggest change of them all is now ALL staked Neoxag coins earn a 10% staking bonus on them!

It is important to note the following.

  • NO there are not more coins being mined, the same amount are being mined but how they are mined has changed.
  • You now earn more for posting and curating content
  • The more coins you hold that are staked the more coins you will earn at a 10% inflation rate.

That means if you hold 10,000 coins staked you will earn about 2.7 coins a day

This change up is actually a very good thing as it encourages more people to be involved and now those who stake the coins not only earn passively on them for having them staked but also earn more in curating posts.

If you have not already be sure to check out this amazing community and lock in your Neoxian coins while the price is still low.


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That's really interesting, I'm glad different tribes are trying new things with the tech and constantly tweaking it to try and improve the system to suit their audiences, this is where the strength in the various tribes lie

Neoxian is a good blog!

Intriguing that you like the drop in miner rewards but then I see the PoS change makes the miner tokens exponentially more profitable. Great tokenomics, can’t see how this isn’t a win win— win for Neoxian hodlers


Cheers !BEER

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