How to Use Aloe Vera To Control Diabetes

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I Dont have much knowledge about Aloe Vera but recently A friend of mine who belongs to mediacal field told me that It is very Useful for Diabetes Patients. It is a natural plant to help Reduce Blood sugar.

As My mother Has Diabetes So i talked to her and she agreed to try Aloe vera to control Diabetes. I went to the Plant Nursery and bought this Fresh Aloe Vera which is in FlowerPot.



This is not much expensive here and only cost around US 1$ Which is not a big deal i think. In my opinion it is pretty reasonable price. Anyway i paid bill and took it home.

HOw To Use AloeVera to Control Diabetes ?

Take a Branch of aloe vera and turn it into small pieces. Take a glass of water. Put water and Aloe vera cutlets in a single Pot. Heat it for 10 minutes on the burner.
Now keep it in fresh air and let it cool down.
Now throw the cutlets out of the water. You will see the water is green now. Drink this water on daily basis. You can easily control your diabetes.

Besides This Aloe vera is also used to vanish wrinkles from the face. It also is gelpful for healthy Liver
These are hernal tratments.
But it is good to follow instructions that are given by your doctor.

Thank you