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In seeing the early going of the new side chains/condensers (whatever you like to call them) we have seen many models and strategies that quite honestly intrigue the hell out of me. Many people I look up on this platform have literally staked themselves and laid their steemit viability on the line to come up with the best ways to develop wealth sharing platforms for legitimate users that wish to stay and have their varied interests be met while remaining on a steem-based asset such as the tokens, mining units, staked/unstaked coins on this revolution in socially tokenized driven blogging.

I cannot be more pleased at how the whole enterprise has been received by the community and over the moon happy that I have what appears in the early going "a race to the top" of the hearts, minds, and spoils that go with this remarkable science project happening at a pioneering level right before our eyes. Many people have been unhappy with the price of steem, and yes I agree if it's instant liquidity you are seeking with steem to convert to fiat that is definitely a problem as the price continues to fall.

But, these platforms have provided some kind of long-term-based relief in an infrastructure that pegs to keep the steem in the ecosystem with your purchase of these coins and miners. I have become quite enamored as mentioned above with what many people who have made themselves fixtures in the steem based economy bring themselves and all their friends who also have made themselves stalwarts in continuing this ongoing science experiment in capitalism that is steem and steemit.

The dynamics of tokens, mining, staking, hash tag usage, and virtually everything else that goes with the new tokens has been the best free (except for when I am buying them) entertainment a capitalist junkie could ever hope for. There is one that has caught my eye in the early going on the mining side though that I have to admit makes me laugh in how well they captured the mining concept and scarcity of the market at the same time. That is the neoxianagm-or the neoxian silver miner.

Starting off with 66 miners (at least that was the first quantity I saw available), while having half of its inflation based on mining claims and the other half in proof of brain is a concept I personally felt could be captured and capitalized upon greatly. Basically a 50/50 partnership of those that fund the token with outside steem coming in, and the other half also funding with token sales, but with a limit on a pure proof of brain capitalization over time.

The reasons I dig this (get it-mining, dig?) is first mining pursuits can be seen as longer term investment, and as long as there is relative confidence that someone isn't going to come in and immediately pick up, let's say 99% of the mining rigs in the early going, making that token virtually impossible to mine is one less thing to hang over people's heads. Say for example a token draws the eye of a single whale investor, they love the token and want as much as they can get. They spend something crazy, like in the upwards of say $250k in all the outstanding miners. Now, are you as a newly created crypto then going to drop another $250k of available miners on the market right after this? Not likely if you value that person's trust in investing in what you are doing. So your liquidity is fixed, very heavily capitalized, and yes this is a great time for this kind of capital infusion with cheap steem, lol, not a bad thing when you have this level of capital ever and your biggest problem is how to spend the overwhelming capital resources flowing your way. But there is also an issue with the original purchasers of these miners thinking they were buying perhaps a percentage of the token miners, maybe having a target of owning half a percent of all the miners out there of this. Luckily we have a market that allows for the liquidity to become available for these kinds of things and a clear, transparent market will give an idea over time whether the mining venture of a said platform is successful or not.

The intriguing thing that has got me is the early release of so few miners, yes with a hefty price tag (around 230 steem for one at the time of this post), but the purchase of one, now with 71 available nets you more than 1% of the mining, which again is 50% of the inflation of the token.

Let's not kid ourselves, there are some people that are more so investors than posters and they come out with posts that display that, and that's alright as many of them are great contributors in the steem based economy. You could absolutely make the argument they are the rocket fuel that drives this economy. So why not have the option for more aggressive and well-heeled steemians purchase miners, gather resources passively, and not have to worry about fooling with worrying about hash tags, comment response, and all the other things that go into blogging?

Mining of the new steem-engine tokens are a stellar means of one increasing their stake without being forced to post garbage, but contribute to the economy by their capital investment with no further strings attached. Once the outside investment world gets their minds around this phenomena these tokens are likely to take off in demand (based on level of excellence in efficiency of the economic distribution) at staggering levels.

But amazingly enough, there is a polar opposite of this principle already available to those that enjoy playing the Splinterlands game. This token is SPT, created purely from an airdrop, there is no mining of the token but the inflation is shared purely among the holders of the token. One-hundred percent proof of brain tied in with monster gaming and all things related to it. That is the brilliance of this system when economic forces are allowed to happen without countless entanglements but varied models within the ecosystem the winner is always... the customer. Which is a revolutionary tidal wave in the steem based economy for the positive that is without question in the right direction and providing long-term stability for those that wish to continue or even double down on their comically undervalued reserve currency of all of these platforms which of course starts with a meagerly valued (at the moment)steem.

I also would like to take a second to let you know about a contest that @news-today is hosting in which he is giving away a whole lot of neoxian silver tokens, granted you meet the few simple requirements. I encourage you to participate, join, resteem it, whatever-it's a great shot at free crypto!

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Well you seem to be signing from the same song sheet as me lol. Let the tokens rain down on us and I just bought a LEO miner haha. Just the one but it's a good way to tie up some steem long term. Exciting times are here again.