Fairy of Snow! - An Original Poem of Playful Winter's Musing - Enjoy with Troy!

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Where did the sparkle of a snow go? The magic of winter disappears with dirty streets and tarnished remains of snow. Yet, there will be more snow before spring arrives. Where did that fairy who beautifully blanketed the landscape go? The magic is gone.

I wrote a poem to reminisce on the magic of virgin snow.

Snow Fairy 1.gif



Crystals of snow that sparkle and shine,
Sprinkled and scattered, a dusting divine.
Where is the Winter's fairy I say
For 'twas she who came out to play.
Never to be seen yet she paints a snow white
Her artistry colors the day and the night.
A pure virgin coat she blankets the earth
And soon winter's sleep springs forth to birth.
But where...oh where is the fairy of snow.
When to her dusting she doth bestow?

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Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment, upvote or resteem - Poetically Yours. Troy


Lovely! :D



Thank you my friend @creatr Blessings

I've never seen snow before, it captivates a beautiful imagery, I love this one.

Thank you my kind friend.

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