I Plan to Invest 2020 into Steem

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I know this is probably the lamest answer to this contest by @kingscrown, but I hope to expand a little bit more on what I mean, though I could just say STEEEEMMMMM!


Since Neoxian is the token that is being given away I decided to use the Neoxian City interface and though it's not a requirement, it would suggest if you're going to take part in the competition, that you should support the community as well!


I've already written 5 areas that new investors can focus on, using Splinterlands cards to hedge against a bear market, and 9 cards I'm investing in, shameless plug for my blog. I'm going to continue to expand my investment into Splinterlands Alpha, Beta, and Splinterland packs as well as legendary cards that are popular for rentals.

I'm interested to see how the Splinterlands cards fair in 2020. Every market eventually has a slowdown and all Splinterlands have done to this point is continually going up. My plan is to continually invest while at the same time keeping some Steem set aside to "buy the dip"

Steem Engine and Smart Media Tokens

SteemLeo, Neoxian, and Palnet are going to the three tokens I'm going to start building positions in next year unless something else comes out that I feel is better. I also plan to start trying to trade tokens that provide passive rewards to see if I can build a "free position" by buying low and selling high.

I also will be keeping some liquid Steem set aside to invest in Smart Media Tokens. I have no idea how it will look when SMTs are first released or if it will start out slow with Steem Engine tokens and slowly increase, but I'm definitely excited.


I will keep at least 50% of my Steem investment continually powering up into SteemPower. I enjoy the passive income that comes from curating with SteemPower and think this a decent way to offset losses in the value of your Steem.

With 2020 just around the corner, it would be nice to see more of a demand for renting resource credits or SteemPower. I think Dlease and @ocdb provide great opportunities for passive income, but increasing competition is always nice and will hopefully continue to lead to an increased ROI.

Steem Technical Analysis

Above are some of the fundamental reasons why I'm looking to invest in Steem next year, not including the introduction of NFTs, now let us look at some Technicals.


If you can see from the chart above the USD and BTC price of Steem for about the past 4 months have been relatively flat. I'm hoping this is the accumulation period for this market cycle and is the foundation for the next bull run.

I think this market cycle has done a great job at getting Steem from the weak hands to the strong hands and those that believe creating new dolphins, orcas, and whales that were born in #newsteem and will push Steem to even higher market values during the next bull run and higher lows during the next bear market.


To do all this I will need to invest most if not all my cryptocurrency earnings into Steem. This will allow me to really start getting the ball rolling in these communities and projects and really start seeing some nice returns on my said investments into well . . . . more Steem.

I really want to spend 2020 expanding in some other projects as well. I don't want to invest a lot of money, but it will be nice to get a perspective on what's going on outside of Steem.

If you have some ideas on what you plan to invest in 2020 link your post in the comments below and don't forget to follow the rules for kingscrown contest here

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A great write up for the new year. I can't argue against the idea of loading up on Steem related tokens. There is so much happening here while being really diverse in what they are involved it, it is amazing.

We are seeing a great expansion.

One other token that I wanted to mention that is interesting based upon potential, POINT. I am not sure how it will unfold but there is a lot of potential.

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Yeah, I definitely have a plan to post on their one day, I just haven't made my way to that point yet. Too many things to do right now, with not enough time, Definitely a good problem to have currently.

Hopefully this will work, but just wanted to share my #posh #oc. If you're on twitter comment on the tweet and I'll be sure to follow you on twitter as well as start sharing you Steem content on Twitter to help get the word out.


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