What a big surprise!

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Check the mail.

The day before yesterday my friend came home from work, and as he does every day, he looked in the letterbox for the mail. Not that we now receive so much mail, but still check it out every day. And to his surprise, it contained a small package.

Did you order something?

He came in and asked me if I had ordered something ... "No" was the short answer. So, surprised, he went on to look further what it had to be. And then his eye fell on the addressee. That was not his name, not even my name. So you would think, a wrong delivery package! But that wasn't the case either ...

Addressed to our LANA POES.

The package was addressed to LANA POES. And now you have to know that we always call our dog Lana Poes. Poes is a female cat in Dutch. Yes I know ... it's weird to call a dog POES. But that is really the name she listens to better than her own name Lana. Is it a deviation? Oh well, we think it's funny ... and as every pet owner will recognize, you quickly give your pets a nickname. In this case it is "POES".

But then comes the following. A parcel addressed to Lana Poes ... And neither of us has ordered anything. Who sends our Poes gifts, and especially ... What kind of gifts does our Poes receive?

After we had just laughed at the addressing, which was very nice, we opened the package, and a really beautiful collar for our Lana Poes emerged.

Wow ... a black with gold collar.

She felt like a queen!

That, of course, had to be on the neck of our Lana Poes and she really felt like a queen with her beautiful new collar, which also looks extremely beautiful to her. Of course she just about walked alongside her feet with pride, she received so many compliments from us. What would you do if two people praised you for how handsome and beautiful you are with your new collar?

But in the meantime I had gone back in my memories and suddenly I knew who these generous givers were!

Our Lana has received this wonderful gift for a few reasons. She is a fantastic dog for us. And once you get in with us, it's your best friend. But outside on the street, as soon as Lana has left the gate it is a dog with instructions. She has a past, she carries a backpack ... and that backpack makes her a very unreliable dog out on the street. She attacks strange people and she can't stand cyclists who come by. Other dogs that she sees outside of her own familiar terrain, and that she does not know, are certainly also greeted, but unfortunately not friendly. In addition, she is a very smart dog who realizes very quickly how she can escape from something. Once at home, she makes no effort to jump over the gate or fence.

But outside on the street she tries to wriggle her head out of the collar. Because her neck is slightly wider than her narrow head, that risk was indeed present. We don't have to try a harness with her either, she definitely escapes out of it. Acrobatic and smart as she is, besides that she just gets scared when we try to put a harness on her. That is reason enough for me not to want to do that. I don't want to trigger her fears, she has had to experience enough before she came to us, and I want to give her pleasure and security. So she walks with a collar, and that goes well, as long as we don't come across anything. Fortunately, I rarely meet people when I go for a walk with her ... but still, the few times I meet someone I don't want to take any risks. And so I always had to be very careful that she didn't get her head out of the collar. There are collars for sale of course that considerably reduce that risk and even remove it, but I did not want to wear a slip chain on her either.

But since this new collar my worries are over.

And for that I will always remain grateful to our friends from Friesland.

Yes ... our Lana Poes has received this gift from friends from Friesland, and since they also have a dog that cannot always walk free, they knew very well what a problem that could be. I got to know these friends through a dog group on Facebook about 3 years ago, and from the first spontaneous meeting where we went out to dinner without ever seeing each other before, it clicked incredibly well. We kept that contact warm, and despite the fact that we don't see each other very often because of the large distance, a close friendship has certainly grown.

Last January they came for a visit.

They were here last January, and of course the conversation was also about our dogs. So they already told us that they had found a certain kind of collar for Zeus, their Rhodesian Ridgeback, from which he really could not escape. Apparently they quickly estimated what size Lana would need and decided to give us a new collar for our Lana Poes ...

And you better believe that we and Lana are very happy with her new beautiful collar.

The only thing is ... Myla wants one too now!


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