Neoxian have upped the stakes and are giving away a massive 20K Neoxag in delegations


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The 20k neoxag will be split over 5 Communities, 4k neoxag each, thanks @zaku and @neoxian

Plus an additional 100 Neoxag will be given to each post author, as well as a vote from the bot @neoxiancityvb

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If you would like to join the Contest to help grow your community here are the rules

  • Write a post and nominate up to 5 communities that you think are deserving and would benefit from the delegation
  • Communities that already have an active delegation from Neox are not eligible
  • Submit your post under the tag #neoxianpowercontest
  • The contest is open to all Steemians, but you are only allowed one entry each
  • Comment your post link on @zaku's post including a short description of your nominated community.
  • If entering this contest is not for you, consider resteeming this post for others in your community that may be interested.

But hurry... Entry for this contest ends in 2 days!

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The communities I wish to nominate are...

Team Australia

Being an Australian, this was obviously the first Community I was drawn to. Through @teamaustralia I have met some awesome people and been introduced to some amazing communities, like @contestkings and @opgaming. A Neoxag delegation to the @anzub bot would benefit not just the Australian community on steemit, but also our brothers and sisters from over the pond @teamnz as we are united in the group and we both benefit from the delegations we have all made towards the @anzub account

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The Alliance

The Alliance is one of the more recent communities my wife and I have joined. We really enjoy their community spirit and positivity, the members share ideas and give constructive feedback that is not only beneficial to the project or topic at hand, but also towards the future of Steem. With so much FUD circling, regarding crypto. It's a refreshing break to be in a community that is thinking long term, rather than stressing about the now!

Their discord group can be found here

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OP Gaming

@OPGaming is gaming community that believes in supporting others and growing as a team. They also enforce a strict no plagiarism policy to help prevent garbage entering the blockchain.. It's a good community that I have been apart of for over a year now, A delegation to them certainly would be appreciated and used wisely

You can join the discord community here

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@intrepreneur is one of the new tribes lead by @crystalhuman, designed for Entrepreneurs to help each other succeed in a challenging work environment. Their mission is to assist like-minded entrepreneurs with a blogging platform that will help share their own ideas and or products and also allow it's users to engage and learn from others while doing so

Intrepreneur's discord group can be found here

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