#50 Sneaker drop 6/13/2020 ~ Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 "Zyon" FY1267

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Another shot at it right here, back at it with another pair of Adidas Yeezy Boost V2 "Zyon" and this must be just a surprise colorway or just the way they do things for Yeezy. Well for these I see a sell on StcckX for $365 but the lowest ask is now $800 and the highest bid is $400. Unfortunately I didn't upload that photo like I normally do from StockX because they show the money but not the pictures of the sneakers. They do that sometimes on the website with new drops and they haven't updated them. Regardless you can always make money on Yeezy sneakers. Probably hundred bucks to two hundred but if they become more limited all that price can change. So stay tuned and good luck flippers. Thanks for taking a look at my post today. Shoe out...

I am thinking of creating a token when the Hive-Engine comes and those that invest will get a ROI on each pair of sneakers I sell by investing... Now that's what I am talking about, might just make it the best pay on ROI here...... Let me know if this might interest you? Thanks

Please let me know if you have any success, this is not financial advice

Any questions just hit me up in the comment section or DM me on the discord.....
Good luck, God Bless

Cost: $220 plus tax/Shipping each

Potential Profits: $100-$300

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 "Zyon"
Release Date: Saturday 6/13/2020
Retail Price: $220.00
Style Code: FY1267
Colorway: Zyon/Zyon-Zyon




These Pictures are not my own but Adidas Stock photo's, nor any photo's I post of sneaker releases,except the one's that are mine from photo shoot's

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