Splinterlands Gold Legendary Hat Trick Day

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Pulling off another Gold Legendary hat trick day is a site to see, the addiction is real fro sure. The first pull of the day was the Gold Legendary Diamond Dragon, the came the Vigilator and last but definitely not least the Gold Mimosa Nightshade turned Gold for me. The not so good photo's are a picture of my PC and the good one is from my phone. I like to switch it up when one seems like gold isn't popping. I also got three Gold Epic's for the day as well and a gold drop rare card in my daily rewards. Not such a bad day at all, so let's see what today has in store, spoiler alert I already pulled another Gold Legendary but we will save that for tomorrow's post because my pack opening is not done yet. Lol. I still haven't made a post about my sell of the Gold Julian, but maybe I wont now. Probably a distant memory now. haha Anyways, good luck on all your pack openings, Shoe is sending out some luck to all. Also thank you for all the love on my blog, I appreciate all and thank you for the comments. Have a great Thursday, blessings to all.. Shoe out....

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Thanks for taking checking in on Shoe's Blog. God Bless








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Congratulations! You must have opened a lot of packs to get here.

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@vimukthi yes, I open about 200+ a day to get this type of action but its rough sometimes. Thanks for stopping by my blog....

Whoa! 200 a day! Wow! Congrats on these!! I will be looking out for your Prince J post!!

Awesome.... Thanks @clove71 I don't even know why I haven't done it already. Lol, I guess I kinda wanted Neoxian to get the love on a post since he paid for it. I'll do it though for sure.

What's your name again? Splinterlands Gold Foil Legendary King! LOL! True! True! PLEASE make a post about the Gold Prince Julian!! It is not too late at all! I will be looking forward to seeing it! ~@clove71

For sure @clove71 I am the Gold Legendary King... haha, I will do the post... For sure... Thank you for the UpDoot.....

This is insane, but congrats none the less!

I'm the Gold King.... But yeah pretty insane... I've got 5 in a day three times now too... haha

Awesome stuff @shoemanchu.

Congrats on all the gold!