Dragons bank #0001

in neoxian •  11 months ago  (edited)

@swedishdragon will loan the sum of 16 usd to @groynes at todays rate ;1 STEEM= 0,201988 US$ converted to to 83,1216329244788 STEEM
He promises to repay 20 usd in 30 days. Full payment will be returned the 15th of September 2019

@groynes Have delivered his owner key for steemit.inc and for steem-engeen as a collater for his loan; this keys will be returned when full payment have been given. If lender do not complay, @swedishdragon is in the right to use account & said steemwallet as her own

@swedishdragon will have said keys & they will be kept as as collateral.

Please sign below...

I need 2 or more witnesses, im calling for ;

pix have been nicked from google.com

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Hii sweety :D thanks for showing up :D
Hoooow are you doing??? long time , noo japp :P

Im well thank you...ah yes I know riiight...how are you??

Your welcome :D
Im working.. too much ;) in typical summer dragon behaviour ;) Im trying to set up for steemfest in bangkok too ;) Are you going???

Ah I wish I was, it will be the maddest experience ever..

Im working.. too much

Eishh..Lady D when is holiday time?

aww come on now, come play with us at steemfest ;) woop woop
Holiday is starting 4th of November ;) LOL

I have heard your summons and will act as witness of this loan on behalf of @swedishdragon.

muaww Tnx babe xoxo

You are welcome noble Dragoness.

Fire was here... Proud of you m'lady 🐲

I saw and as always the loan must be paid back because as always I am the loan watcher

My best loan watcher have arrived :D !!! thanks doll xoxo How are you doing?? Got anyyyyyy redbull newbees???

No but it’s tome for a new one isn’t it !!!

It sure looks like your loan-business are going great. I'm glad there's people out there willing to help fellow Steemians. Good job! :)

Hiiii stranger!!! Thanks for witness :D
aww, im doing ok with the loans, yes ;) bitcoin market is better thow :P If you know anyyy , how needs one, let me know ;)
HOOOOOW are you doing???? Back after vaca i asume??

Yeah, back to school again. I started this week. I'm doing alright, but it seems like this semester will be really intense. Oh well, I guess that's a good thing. :D

If I hear that someone is looking for a loan, I'll definitely send them your way. :)

woop woop & geared up to worky ;) :D awsoem , happy to hear :D
Yeah they tend to roll out the intensety, slooow & then slam you with tons , the last period ;) :P
Awsome, thanks hun :D

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Your witnesse.


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August 8th 2019 1:29 CST

I came... I saw... And I Witness 😜 lol

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LOL awsome , thanks sunshine :D
How are ou?? beeen ages since we tuched base O.o

signed on 08/10/2019

I am here!!!

woohoo my star Dragon !! thansk sweets, How are you feeling now???