Morning with Fresh Oranges

in neoxian •  6 months ago 

Heya everyone wassup,

Heh well it's not Morning it's evening time but since i just woke up so my morning :P. I am not going to talk about my weird sleep timing but yea I get scolded by mama all the time XD.

Anyways wanted to show something so i am here and posting otherwise i am lazy being.


Fresh orange juice. You people might have been thinking what's so special to share about it. Well, the special aspect of this juice is I made it with my own hands😂 . (Kidding) XD

These oranges came from our orange Garden. Yea 3 years ago we grafted plenty of orange trees. I almost forgot about them and had no hope that we will be able to have even a single of orange :P but I was surprised when I woke up and went to the kitchen and what I see oranges everywhere. Then mama told me I started jumping like monkey XD and said I only want orange Juice in my breakfast. oops not to mention when i said breakfast i don't want to tell about my mum's reaction.😂 so happy Sunday all see ya


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