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Heya everyone wassup,

Happy Friday, happy weekend

Finally, the weekend is here and now i can sleep in peace :P. Yea suffering from some lack of sleeping but i love this lack of sleep suffering don't know why i guess i mad 😂. Staying close to your love is better than sleep😂 OMG :P I was used to thinking i love my sleep more than anything but Nah, now i realized i actually love my love more than anything ;)

Well, guess what today i and my best friend with one more class fellow we went to Chai Dhabba

Near to my University someone has opened a Dhaba where he serves chai in a traditional style.


There were two sitting arrangements outside and inside. we decided to sit inside because we actually loved the environment they have created. Smokey dark and a perfect place for lovers i guess :P but sad i was with my friends heh
Anyways they served us chai in those cups seems pretty funky but we had an amazing experience. This chai is called Tandoori chai

While drinking chai and enjoying our fries third friend told us a true story of Love. A true story of student and teacher Love. She told us the power of love i am going to narrate that story in my next post if you're interested in reading to that story stay tuned ;) till then see ya take and have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones because love is fantastic ;)

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