Which Communities Need Delegation Support?

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I came across a contest hosted by @zaku where he intends to delegate 10,000 NEOXAG POWER for a month to support 5 communities on Steem. He feels that communities are playing an important role on Steem and needs to be supported.

However I don't know what kind of support he wants to extend by delegating 2000 NEOXAG Power to each. In fact, with such an initiative, it's actually Neoxian community that will get maximum benefit out of it as Community Curation account only curates content posted in their own community. So to distribute benefit, Community in question will have to ask its members to use #neoxian tag for a month to get the extra NEOXAG rewards from its curation.

Probably, @zaku will announce in Neoxian City community to contribute in these 5 chosen communities to get dual rewards from that community curation. This may help to gain new contributors for these communities. If this is the case, I'd like to suggest following 5 tribes for this purpose:

1 Natural (NATRL)

This is a tribe for the Natural Products community. This is a new tribe with current token supply of only 1.335 millions. Token is trading at less than half a cent. But there are over 600 community members.

The awareness and promotion of the use of natural products for our daily use and home based remedies for trivial ailments is much needed information today. With the expansion of this community, a greater good is gonna happen for whole of human tribe.

2 Up Fund Me (UFM)

UpFundMe is a crowdfunding initiative which helps to fund needs of individuals through upvotes. It's something like encouraging charity and donations. Now this will also be a go to community for contests, giveaways, airdrops, services Thus every one looking for some ways to grab any money or prizes through these can get benefited too.

I think this community can support each other to meet some pressing financial needs. The website is yet to be launched but tokens are already in the market and are selling around one and a half cent each.

3 Intrepreneur (INT)

This is another emerging community with npble intentions. It strives to help people become leaders in serving humanity with kindness, sharing, gifting and generously helping each other to whatever extent they could in their life.

It actually imbibes the strong community feeling among everyone so that no one feels lonely in her life here.

4 Media Officials (MOT)

This project intends to give a larger exposure to the posts on Steem ecosystem by categorizing and spreading all relevant content through its different channels. It already has over 1300 branded websites and many more media partners joining in.

Thus this community's main tag viz. #mediaofficials can be used by anyone using #neoxian tag and compliment each other.

5 Qurator ( @qurator)

This is a big community of original content creators of varied interest. Delegating some NEOXAG Power to its community bot will help distribute some extra reward to its highly deserving community members.

Other small communities that I'd like to suggest are ecotrain and steemtribeup.

I hope this helps @zaku to decide where to put his NEOXAG delegation to!. Good gesture for extending support to other communities.

I hope, he may give some NEOXAG delegation to me too. So you guys too can start using NEOXAG tag in case I upvote you 😉

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Greetings dear friend @xyzashu.

Your words made me see this delegation project from another perspective.

When we hear news of delegation, a smile will always be drawn on our faces, but this type of delegation within a tribe and with its own tokens results in something unprecedented.

I agree with you on your proposal of the Intrepreneur tribe. I think they are in the right direction.

Since you seem to have some decent knowledge and experience, would you mind if I ask you to share your own opinion on my latest publication:

I would appreciate it greately.


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