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Guess & Win


Game announcement in the city

Tun Tun Tun Game announcement

First of all, I'd like to thank Neo sir for creating such an amazing city. Next, I'd like to thank all my fellow neoxianers. Thank you so many guys for being so amazing. Every city or country is recognized by its dwellers, so we belong to the city and the city belongs to us.

I am here to initiate a sender and receiver game. I got this idea from bee's bottled messages :P so credit goes to our city Bee :P

After the game, i will be posting the whole game event on the @neoxian-city blog.

so the game plan is :+1:

1.) 10 bottle messages and 10 recipients
2.) Every recipient will guess who is the sender of the message.
3.) if the guess is correct then he/she will be the winner and they will win a prize.
4.) If they failed to guess correctly they will lose and the winner will be the sender.
5.) Before dropping any bottle messages I will drop the prize details.

Question: How will i decide which prize is for what message?

Answer: I will generate a random number, and for this, I will be using a random number generator $random 1 and 10 and so on...

If the selected number is 3 then we will be opening 3rd bottled message.

Point to be noted

Two people will handle this game. Myself and Ray. I will have all the bottled messages as will Ray, so you guy's can't doubt it that i am being unfair. Just to make things crystal clear :P

Game sponsors

So far i have been sent 3 sponsorships from Bear, Ray and Swedishdragon. Anyone interested in sponsoring the game is most welcome. All the prizes will be distributed at the same time.


    1. 5 steem, 500 NEOXAG, 500BTCmyk

2). 1.5 SBD + Level 1 Luminous Eagle + 500 btcmyk

3). 1000 NEOXAG + 1000 BTCmyk + 1000 Dec

4). Goldfoil Level 2 Contessa L'ament

5). Level 1 Black dragon + 1000 BTCmyk

6).2000 neoxag + level 1 manti

7). Level 1 Bortus + 500 dec+ 500 dec

8). Level 1 Wizard of Eastwood + 1000 BTCmyk + 500Neoxag

9). 5 steem + Level 1 Mother Khala + 500 Btcmyk

10). 1000 Neoxag + 500 Btcmyk+ gold foil Ettin Spearman

I reserve the right to shuffle the prizes during the game.

We selected day Saturday and time 4 p.m UTC.

Everyone in the city was so excited and anxiously waiting for the game time. And then we announced all the botlee who received bottled message.


One and only rule. You will get only 2 attempts to guess who is the bottler. Good luck to bottlee and bottler.

Bottle 1 :champagne: Bee(@anikys3reasure)

Bottle 2 :champagne: zouble(@bearbear613)

Bottle 3 :champagne: Pope(@thereikiforest)

Bottle 4 :champagne: ife(@ifeoluwa88)

Bottle 5 :champagne: Neo sir(@neoxian)

Bottle 6 :champagne: Panda(@reazuliqbal)

Bottle 7 :champagne: zaku(@zaku)

Bottle 8 :champagne: Zoux(@anouk.nox)

Bottle 9 :champagne: Beardo(@aamirijaz)

Bottle 10 :champagne: Burl(@burlarj)

Game started with the dragon sir approval and the city pope blessings

We picked botlee with Random number generator to make the game fairer.

When we rolled the number the first number we got was 2 and it was @bearbear613. we pasted his bottler message and he couldn't guess who is the bottler so his bottler won that round and won the first listed prize. The game was super fun and exciting everyone was loving as it was moving forward.

Liste of the game winners along with prizes.

First prize of the Game

5 steem, 500 NEOXAG, 500BTCmyk

winner The bottler @raymondspeaks(give my winnings to bear - he deserves it).

but he gave his winning prize to his recipient.

2nd prize: Goldfoil Level 2 Contessa L'ament

winner: @reazuliqbal he guessed his sender correctly.

3rd Prize: Level 1 Black dragon + 1000 BTCmyk

Winner -- @hetty-rowan

4th prize: 1.5 SBD + Level 1 Luminous Eagle + 500 btcmyk

Winner: @aamirijaz

5th prize : 5 steem + Level 1 Mother Khala + 500 Btcmyk

Winner @rehan12

6th prize: LEvel 1 Wizard of Eastwood + 1000 BTCmyk + 500 Neoxag

winner: @anikys3reasure

7th prize: Level 1 Bortus + 500 dec+ 500 Neoxag

winner: @zaku

8th prize: 2000 Neoxag + level 1 epic Manticore

winner: We had some doubts about this message and we discarded this entry and prize sent the city owner.

9th prize : 1000 NEOXAG + 1000 BTCmyk+ 1000 dec

winner @ferrate

10th prize : 1000 Neoxag + 500 Btcmyk+ Gold foil Ettin Spearman

Winner: @burlarj

During the game Dragon sir tipped 5$ worth of SBD to his active city dwellers. This is how Dragon treats his citizens..


That's all for now, but wait...

if you haven't joined our amazingly amazing city then we welcome you with a big heart.

To join the city of the dragon click here ezgif-5-4ec7c52a09cb.gif

See you in the city ;) have a nice day

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