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I travel for work, a lot.... I cover Sweden and Norway up and down a few times a year. My total driving distance is around 1 572 km....

Dark Side of Work Travel

You are alone.... a lot
You may get to see amazing sights, visit bucket-list destinations and eat at once-in-a-lifetime restaurants.
Except you are likely doing it alone.

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If you are travelling for work there is a definite constant: Â lot’s of alone time.
At the airports, try killing a 5 hour wait with no one to talk to for that amount of time; its incredible.
I drove up to Tromsö ; Cute seaside towns, great lighthouses, a cave full of seals and craggy windswept cliffs. Truly incredible stuff.
But I was alone with my camera^^

Hard to eat healthy

It is wickedlY hard to eat healthy (and stay healthy overall) with work travel!
When travelling for work, you will eat out for every meal
Which means you have an opportunity to eat lots of unhealthy, calorie-laden food!
Don’t get me wrong, it will be GOOD food…good as in tasty... in many cases (dinner at nice restaurants is a nice perk). But, man it’s tough to eat healthy. And hard to stay hyrdated.
This is a big downside to regular work travel that can sneak right up on you if you are not careful!
67873553_2314431385339323_6692630207716655104_n (kopia).jpg

Personal relationships

One of my jobs hade me on the road almost every week of the month. It took a brutal toll on my marriage (that and some other things…)
Time apart is not on the only challenge on personal relationships for the person with regular work travel. Long periods of time with the opposite sex, including regular work & dinners and drinks (all under a work context) can occasionally create situations which can be devastating to a marriage or committed relationship.
A regular work traveler has to be on guard against these things.

Works out whenever possible

And thats when ever & were ever, always have your workout gear handy
One of the hardest things to do while you travel is find the time (and energy) to workout.
Experts note that a healthy balance between exercise and healthy eating produces the best results. In the case of working out while you travel for business, it’s about preparation, routine and sheer willpower. These snowball into a habit.
Whatever your workout program / routine is (running, elliptical, weights, push ups, cross fit, yoga, HIIT, etc)…incorporate it into your business travel routine. You simply must.

Have you heard about tech neck? You know, that stiff, sore neck you get from staring at your phone too much?
Do to workOUT..less ;)
A few times will be hard, but once you get rolling, you will find it gets easier each time. Especially when it’s part of your routine (e.g., get to hotel room, unpack suitcase, iron clothes for next day, do 100 push ups and 200 sit ups, go to dinner, etc). It’s just routine. And routine becomes habit.

Protip: work out before dinner. By setting a firm rule that when the day is done you are going to get a workout in before you go out to eat is a game changer.

Here’s why. The chances of you working out when you get back from dinner is next to nil. After a few glasses of wine and a steak, it’s not going to happen. Get it in before dinner! Plus you will find you will have less of an appetite and be more inclined to make smarter menu choices.

Many positives to a job that travels for work. For example, greater opportunities with your company, higher profile jobs, a chance to meet a lot of people, and more are just some of the pluses to a job with regular work travel.

Additionally, you may get the opportunity to see the world (or parts of it) on the company’s dime. ;) Huge perC :P
To visit locations you might never get to visit, and to eat at places you might not ordinarily get a chance to eat at.

This post have been delivered to you by my sponsors; Sony, Apple, Fila, Volvo, Marlboro & Madagascar produced coffee beans ^^

“It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near her.
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Wow... Would love to take photos of snowy roads, too... But it doesn't snow in my country, so it'd be awesome to travel where there are snowy roads someday... :)

Hi hun , so great to see you here :D Snow adds a nice tuch in my opinion ;) Aww just come visit me, i got toooons of it & are happy to share ;)

Yeah, I think so. It transforms the place into a "wonderland". I wonder if I can stand the cold, though. hahaha... Ohhh... it would be great to go to Sweden~!! :)

Hm i havent thought of it to be liek that... Heay your soo right &&& something ordinairy can transform to magical with snow addings ;) :D cool right??
i have . food and spare beds, juust get over here BUT wait 2 months soo the snow can arrive for real :P

Cool, indeed!!! ^^ Ohhh~ I love that, especially the "food" part... hahah... Is it summer in Sweden now? What's the highest temp?

:D we dooo love 'food' ;) :P
Still summer buut autum is coming soon, even the temps are getting lower ;) LOL for the summer in total we got 35C , but now its at 18c.... huge and a fast temp drop this year O.o

Of course!! That's a given.. haha ^_^

Whoah! That's an enormous difference, indeed! Don't you get headache from the drastic change? Please take care... :)

Very interesting article :33 Beautiful pictures. Right before clicking on this post, I was typing something and mentioned Norway and Sweden specifically. And as I type, I'm talking to my friend. And I asked if they had to pick three places in Europe they could settle in if America, which is where I am, were to blow up or whatever...and they said Norway. I wonder what the universe is trying to tell me. Anywho. Wonderful post.

Thank you hun :D !!
Noo?? omg what a puuure luck subjects then ;) LOL
I must agree with your friend; Norway alll the time ;)
& i have lived in Canada, visited NY, stayed in Austin texas, Thailand x a few , denmark, england, scottland, France, polen, checoslovakia, greese Ok ok a nd a few more ;)
Norway wins EXCEPT in cost to live that is...
I do think the universe is telling US something ;)