Neoxian City Photo Challenge 2: Hotel Facade Architecture (My Entry)

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It's time to participate again in Neoxian City Photo Challenge!
I was actually kind of worried when @zaku added a special rule of taking the picture within the week of the contest. For someone like me who rarely goes out, I thought it would be difficult to join the challenge every time.

The theme for this week is "Hotel Facade Architecture".

I live in a city, but it's kind of somewhere in the suburbs, so it's kind of difficult to find a hotel here. What we have in my city are usually pension houses. Today, I went to the bigger city for some personal reasons and it so happened that the bus stop where we go off had a hotel just across the road, and so I took the opportunity to take a picture.

Sorry if the picture is a bit far, but you can actually appreciate the facade of the said hotel from afar. I hope you enjoy it. :)



Snap has taken: 24 August 2019
Device: NOKIA 5
ISO: 100
Location: Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines

I edited the photos using Photoscape app. :)

Thanks for checking my entry. Have a great day everyone! (^_^)v