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What's up beautiful people, especially to the lovely citizens of Neoxian City! <3
It's time for another Neoxian City Photo Challenge. :)

When I saw the announcement post a few days ago, I was about to go on a short vacation with my family then. I saw the theme which is "Leading Lines" and it made me very eager to find stuff to shoot in accordance with the theme. I became so excited to take my vacation more and more because I know for sure I'd be able to take a bunch of pictures. <3

Before I show my entry, feel free to check the official announcement post below.

Now, let's begin with my entry. :)

Well, I took different photos from three different places in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental. As always, I'm using my Nokia 5 phone and enhanced them using PhotoScape desktop app.

Center Mall



In this area, you can find the City Hall, a lot of soccer fields, outdoor basketball and tennis courts, wide parks and a lot of greens... It's one of my favorite places in my father's hometown. I am so excited to show the other pictures I took from this place. <3

People's Park




These are taken in People's Park. It's another fave place of mine in my father's hometown. This park is actually by the sea... There are places to hold events and the like, but I just like to stay in this place.. walk around various pathways... or sit in one of the gazebos found inside the said park. It's very calming and peaceful. <3


Since the previous photos were taken outdoors, I took one indoor as well. Does it look creepy? hahaha Well, it just leads to my reflection... actually, there's a stairs going down at the end of this path. :)

I really find the theme this week interesting. :) I enjoyed taking pictures especially because I went back home to SCC though it was only for a few days. <3 I wanna go there again and spend more time in these lovely places.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Until next time. :) See you citizens! (^_^)/


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