My Entry: Neoxian Silver (Neoxag) Power Contest For Communities:10k Neoxag Power

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Here is my entry for the Neoxian Silver (Neoxag) Power Contest For Communities and I present a list of the communities which I think deserves the delegation.

Steemjet: This community consists of talented steemians including musicians, developers,content creators, graphic designers etc. The community currently upvote steemians posts on discord they don't mind if you are a member or not. I think they will use the delegation wisely if granted.

Steem Church: This community supports Christianity posts and your post just has to meet a certain standard.I think they have been doing a great deal supporting Christians. The delegation will look good on them.

Wafrica: This community is responsible for supporting a lot of African Steemians and even the entire Steemit platform users. They support both newbies and already existing users. They deserve the delegation as they support all steemians.

Steemmonsters: This gaming community has really added value to the Steem platform thereby supporting game lovers. They deserve the delegation

Steem Leo: This community focuses on promoting posts which talks about investments. This has helped some business minded steemians up their game in posting and the community will keep supporting steem users.

Here are their usernames @steem.leo @steemjet @wafrica @steemchurch @steemmonsters.

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Thanks for your participation , It will be great if you mention those communities username also

You're welcome! done.

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I so much appreciate bro. God bless your hustle.