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Hello Friends, How are you all i hope you all will be fine and Blessed.

This is my entry for NEOXIAN SILVER (NEOXAG) POWER CONTEST FOR COMMUNITIES which is Hosted by @zaku. Well, Most of the people know about our beloved city NEOXIAN City but maybe some user not aware yet, So if you Don't know about Read @xawi Post Here for better understanding.

It's almost two weeks ago i joined the City of #Neoxian and it discord server, i invest some steem for buying NEOXAG token and NEOXAGM (Miner) now i have 3k Neoxag Stake within Two weeks.

Let's Come to the Point, Thanks to @zaku for Hosted this contest For Communities 10k NEOXAG POWER Delegation

Read Contest Post Here

Nomination List of Communities

  • My First Priority will be @steemhunt, the hunt platform deserves this delegation because they are helping a lot of users every day and almost more user using the #neoxian tag in their hunt post.

  • 2nd Nomination is @Dlike because they are also supporting every user by upvoting so it would be great that people will receive some Neoxag token from Dlike upvote

  • The third one is @esteemapp, a well know dapp on steemit so @esteemapp also deserve this delegation

  • The 4th one is @Creativecoin because it only Accepts the Art, photography, Music related post

  • The Last one is @actifit that deserves the delegation of NEOXAG power because they are rewarding people for the proof of work like exercise, Activities etc which is necessary for our health.

So All the above-nominated Communities are deserved the NEOXAG Power delegation because it will attract more user to our tribe if they are getting NEOXAG on their post

Join our Neoxian City Discord server and participate in Giveaways to earn Some Good Upvotes and NEOXAG :P

Thanks for your Time

Best Regards @moeenali

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Cool bro nexion coin is also have good community.

thank you @zoon123 hope you will join us soon

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