This is My Nominations for the Neoxag Power Contest For Communities | Week 3

Hello Friends, Hope you all will be fine and blessed i am making this post for Neoxian silver (NEOXAG) power contest for different communities the winner will receive the delegation from @zaku.

This is my entry for the NEOXIAN SILVER (NEOXAG) POWER CONTEST DELEGATION 20K (NEOXAG POWER) FOR COMMUNITIES WEEK: #3 which is hosted by @zaku you can read the announcement post here

so i will nominate some of my favorite communities for this contest hope they will get the delegation. Five communities will be selected and will get 4000 NEOXAG POWER DELEGATION each for a month.

Nomination List

  • My first nomination is @plankton.token which is headed by @mermaidvampire and they are helping to newbies to grow their SP

  • My 2nd nomination is @steempress-io as they are helping to WordPress bloggers so this community also deserve this delegation

  • My 3rd Nomination is @Dtube as they are helping and curating the video content creators, so they also deserve the delegation

  • The 4th one is @realityhubs, this community is growing day by day and they are supporting the reviewers so @realityhubs community also deserves this delegation

  • The last one is @steemleo i don't know why this community did not get the delegation but i hope this time they will get it

Thanks for reading and visiting my blog

Best Regards @moeenali