My Nominations for the Neoxag Power Contest For Communities - Week3



This is my entry for the NEOXIAN SILVER (NEOXAG) POWER CONTEST FOR COMMUNITIES WEEK: #3 || 20K NEOXAG POWER || hosted by @zaku

I am a true supporter of this power delegation initiative so this is why i nominate my favourite communities every week. Thank you so much @neoxian for bringing value in steem community. You are the only hope for many people around right now.

Here are my Nominations for 3rd week

My First Nomination is @steemmonsters

Providing their best to community and moreover, if they will win delegation it will help the community more i am pretty sure about it.

My second nomination is @steemleo

I will nominate them until they won and my reason is the same, they are helping people get to know more about investment infrastructure.

My Third Nomination is @dsound

I love music I see many creative music composers on Dsound.

My Fourth nomination is @Dtube

Dtube is a huge community so it will help more